About Orchard

Orchard Wooden Playground Equipment

Orchard, is a range of wood-based clamber units, small and large tower units, swings and trim trails, all created to provide a combination of physical activity and challenge, social interaction and opportunities for learning.

When designing Orchard, we carefully considered the ways in which children interact with play equipment – for example, children like to have their own social spaces, and equipment that challenges them.

Our expertise in play has enabled us to create a range of high quality equipment which provides exciting, appealing play opportunities for children whilst facilitating their development in physical strength and social interaction.

Orchard is suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities, and encourages  inclusive play. As well as providing exciting play opportunities for able-bodied children, many of the products in the range also incorporate a range of challenges for children who have more difficulty accessing play.

Natural and Sustainable

Primarily a natural product, the main component, the pine logs, are locally farmed from UK forests in a managed sustainable process that ensures the forests are always replenished. The timber we use is between 20 and 25 years old, so by the time your play equipment is at the end of its life newly grown trees will be ready for your next play products.

Sustainability continues with the natural rubber components used in Orchard; these are made from latex which is milked in a sustainable way that does not damage the trees.

The whole range is manufactured in Yorkshire in Sutcliffe Play’s environmentally-friendly factory, where our impact on the local surroundings is carefully monitored to ensure it is kept at a minimum.

All Orchard posts are pressure treated against wet rot, dry rot, and insect infestation. This is only done after the posts have been cut and drilled to ensure that all exposed timber is fully treated.

Orchard’s natural appearance also allows it to blend aesthetically into outdoor play spaces.

Sutcliffe Play has also developed a unique joining system for the logs, made of rubber with a steel core which provides a strong connection. The system also spaces the logs slightly apart, which eliminates the possibility of fingers getting trapped between them.

The Orchard range features a wide variety of units to choose from to suit your space and requirements – for the full range click here. Here are a few examples:

Climb & Glide: A popular 10m long glide forms the focal point for the Orchard Climb and Glide. Not just a fun ride, the glide takes upper body strength to hold onto until the end and it’s a challenge to get back onto the start station. Children can take the hard way to the glide using the climbing wall and flexi-rings or use the footholds and save their upper body strength for the glide.

Teepee: A challenging wooden play unit where children can use one of three climbing sides to race to the top. It can also be a simple den to ‘hide out’ in underneath.  With a second net in the middle, there is another ‘den’ level for children to sit on or use it to cross over to the other side.

Rope Walk Tangle:  A challenging tightrope bridge is one of the main features of this tricky unit. Rope Walk Tangle has a challenging perimeter with different timber levels; there are hand and foot holds to help children get started. Cross posts create a short cut, but without anything to hold on to, the user will need good balance and co-ordination skills for this challenging unit.

Mammoth: A large unit with many challenges, great for children to play on together. Climbing to the higher platform is tough, whichever route is used but, once across the rope bridge, rewarded with an exhilarating slide down the double bannister rails where two users can race each other to the ground.