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Themed Play in Hong Kong

Sutcliffe Play’s partner in Hong Kong, Sinocham (HK) Enterprises, has worked with the Heep Hong Society to introduce inclusive playground equipment.

The Heep Hong Society specialises in training and education for children with special educational needs including autism, dyslexia and ADHD.

The Society is committed to ensuring their students live to their full potential and lead a fulfilling life and wanted to install new playground equipment that would inspire and engage pupils. The Igloo & Mushroom Village from Sutcliffe Play’s Themed Play range plays a key role in this.

Cinzia Ferella at Sutcliffe Play says: “The unit encourages children’s imaginations to run wild. Themed around two dwellings, children enter through the ‘mushroom house’ on one side and emerge through and igloo into an artic landscape.”

The multi-play unit features various access points with a slide, inclusive climbing ramp and side transfer platform allowing children of all abilities to have equal access to play.

“It’s a great addition to the Society, and one I’m sure the teachers and children will benefit from for many years to come,” concludes Cinzia.

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