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Sutcliffe Play donates to the Bless a Child Foundation

Sutcliffe Play has donated swing seats to a self-funded children’s cancer charity in Uganda.  The Bless a Child Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that provides care and support to children from the ages of 0-12 suffering from cancer and related infections.

The charity ensures that all cancer patients have access to proper diagnosis and cancer treatment and, where possible, that they continue to live a normal a life as possible.


As part of this, the charity opened Akiba Home in March 2010.  Akiba is a Swahili word that means ‘treasure’.  As children are treated at specialist centres in the capital city Kampala, many families need to travel long distances, often for extended periods of time.  Akiba Home is a home-away-from-home for children and their families during treatment where they can stay free of charge and for as long as they need.

Bless a Child recently installed new play equipment at Akiba Home, Craig Robinson from the Foundation says: “Play is an essential part of childhood and is never more important than when families need to focus on creating happy memories.  The swing seats Sutcliffe Play donated have already been put to great use and it’s fantastic to see the smiles they help to put on the faces of the children and families here.”

Cinzia Ferella from Sutcliffe Play says: “Bless a Child Foundation is an incredible charity helping children and families when they need it most.  We’re delighted we were able to help.”

To read more about The Bless a Child Foundation visit http://www.blessachildfoundation.org/

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