Sutcliffe Play Celebrating UK Employee Ownership Day

EO_Day_logo_2014_leader_pictureSutcliffe Play is delighted to be celebrating the UK’s Employee Ownership Day on Friday 4 July 2014.

The UK’s first and only employee-owned playground equipment manufacturer is proud to celebrate employee ownership alongside other staff-led businesses across the UK as part of the annual Employee Ownership Day.

Employee Ownership Association CEO Iain Hasdell said: “Companies such as Sutcliffe Play are great examples of the success and engagement that can be achieved in an employee owned environment. The EOA is delighted to work on their behalf to celebrate Employee Ownership Day, and make it easier for other UK companies to follow their lead into employee ownership so that we can reach our target of 10% of UK GDP to be generated by employee owned business by 2020.”

With a series of events and activities taking place across the UK this is an important day for Employee Ownership as the EO Day 2014 will raise awareness of employee ownership as an economically strong and balanced business model. Benefits of employee ownership proven in EOA research include increased employee health and well-being, increased productivity and innovation, and:

  • UK employee owned companies have a turnover of around 3% of GDP (over £30 billion) pa.
  • Employee-owners have higher levels of job satisfaction, feel a greater sense of achievement and job security and are more likely to recommend their workplace than employees in non-employee owned businesses.
  • Employee owned businesses operate in a range of sectors including healthcare, social care, education, transport, manufacturing, retail and professional services.