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Sportszone, active play and learning opportunities

Featuring a wide range of activity panels, multi-use games areas (MUGAs), sports hoops, a climbing wall and more, Sportszone enables schools to transform their playgrounds and encourage active play with a new range of activity panels.

“The new range is designed to offer schools the flexibility to transform their playground into an exciting environment for developing physical literacy and offering other bespoke learning opportunities,” says Tom Matthews from Sutcliffe Schools. “There are more than 10 different activity panels to choose from, featuring everything from target games to jumping challenges.


“There are also panels featuring maths and alphabet games, allowing schools to take learning to the playground in new and engaging ways.”

The panels can be produced in different sizes to suit any play area, can be used in any combination and do not require safety surfacing.

The range includes:

Wall Mounted Hoop and Activity Panels: This combination of activity panels with a sports hoop provides engaging game play in a space saving design. https://www.sutcliffeplay.co.uk/equipment/sportszone-hoop-activity-panels/

Freestanding MUGAs (available in 7m, 7m x 12m and 18m x 10m): These freestanding MUGAs offer a variety of features including ball game hoops, activity panels, mesh panels and mesh goals. https://www.sutcliffeplay.co.uk/equipment/sportszone-muga-18m-x10m/

7m Adjustable Net Cord: This net cord is made from 5 tonne polyester and is extremely durable. The cord’s length is adjustable so it can be tightened or slackened, with Velcro for secure fastening. https://www.sutcliffeplay.co.uk/equipment/sportszone-muga-7-2m/

Goal & Hoop: This combination of graphics panels, sports hoop and open space beneath as a goal provides engaging game play in a space saving design, and can be installed as a wall mounted or freestanding unit. https://www.sutcliffeplay.co.uk/equipment/sportszone-goal-hoop/

2 in 1 Activity Fencing: This free standing fencing is ideal as boundary fencing or as a divider between different play areas, as well as providing opportunities for play. https://www.sutcliffeplay.co.uk/equipment/perimeter-fence-metal/

Traverse Climbing Wall: This traverse climbing wall has an ‘L’ shaped design that allows children to climb laterally to challenge their strength and coordination whilst remaining a fun and rewarding piece of equipment. https://www.sutcliffeplay.co.uk/equipment/traverse-climbing-wall/?preview=true&preview_id=7835&preview_nonce=36de5482d0

Interchangeable Activity Panels: A long list of 2.5m x 1.1m Vertical Panels and 2.4m x 1.2m Horizontal Panels are available, featuring activities including ‘Hit the Spots’, ‘Lateral Targets Game’ and panels picturing cricket stumps and goal nets. Call a member of our Sales Team 01977 653200 for further details.

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