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Snug is proving popular far from home


South Korea

Children in South Korea now have access to creative and exciting indoor play opportunities thanks to Sutcliffe Play’s loose parts kit SNUG.

The SNUG kit is used by Sutcliffe Play’s distributor Hong Design to enable children to play indoors at events – for example, at a recent event in a hotel in Seoul as pictured.

Cinzia Ferella from Sutcliffe Play says: “SNUG is ideal for entertaining children in venues such as hotels: its modular elements allow it to be moved and set up easily in any indoor spaces and due to its flexible nature it can engage children for hours on end.

“The kit also encourages cooperative play between children of all ages, encouraging children to socialise and work together to build their own playscapes.”


Sutcliffe Play is delighted that our equipment is enjoyed all over the world – including at a number of kindergartens in Singapore.

Children at several Ministry of Education kindergartens are enjoying playing with loose parts play kit SNUG after it was installed via Sutcliffe Play’s distributors Child Educational Co. Pte Ltd.


Cinzia Ferella from Sutcliffe Play says: “We’re delighted that SNUG is being enjoyed by children at the

MOE kindergartens. The kindergartens are designed to be a living space for play and learning and SNUG is the perfect fit: with its flexible, modular elements it enables the children to play creatively and build their own play spaces every day.

“We hope the children continue to be inspired by SNUG for many years to come.”

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