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Key Stage 1

At Sutcliffe Schools, we believe that providing challenging play opportunities is fundamental to the balanced development of young children. Sutcliffe Schools range of Key Stage 1 products includes our specially developed Minizone and modular Toddlerzone play system, plus many other standalone play items.

Our Key Stage 1 range blends both play and learning to ensure that children have fun whilst stretching their minds and bodies in a safe environment with a wide range of play opportunities.

At Sutcliffe Schools we focus on play elements that develop:

  • Communication
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Physical and creative development

These include physical challenges such as climbing, balancing and co-ordination. 

We also incorporate seating and sheltered areas to encourage social play and group co-operation – key stage one skills that need developing at a young age.


Designing Your Key Stage 1 Playground

When planning and designing a children’s play area there are a number of considerations to ensure maximum play value. Sutcliffe Schools can offer a free bespoke play area design service to create the best individual early years play area for your site or provide a single piece of play equipment that will provide quality play for many years to come. We would be happy to help and discuss any requirements you may have, call us on +44 (0)1977 653263 or email 


Playground Funding 

Tight budgets increasingly means that schools rely on innovative fundraising efforts to purchase equipment. Knowing where to look is always a good start and, as there are so many possible funding organisations, visit our Funding page for further information on organisations you may find useful.


Key Stage 1 Case Studies

The following case studies from Sutcliffe Schools are just a few of the many successful key stage one installations we complete each year. 

West End Children’s Centre

We have designed two new children’s play areas with the Humber NHS Foundation Trust. One play area is an exciting, imaginative playground at the West End Children’s Unit where they can let off steam, socialise with their friends and push personal boundaries in a safe environment.

Keys Meadow Primary School

The major problem facing Lawrence Price, Head Teacher of Keys Meadows Primary School, in Enfield, is that the nine-piece kit has, if anything, proved a little too popular with the 300 youngsters. 

Grange Road Play Area

Grange Road Play Area, Kent was refurbished with a wide range of equipment including an oyster roundabout, nest swing, toddler swings, parrot springie, spring seesaw, Toddlerzone unit as well as a Mission unit.


Key Stage 1 Play Equipment Ranges

Minizone  Play Fences  Roundabouts  Rockers  Toddlerzone  Springies  Snug  Swings  Water Play  


For further information regarding Sutcliffe Schools range of Key Stage One play equipment, call us on +44 (0)1977 653263 or email