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Property Developers

We have been providing playgrounds and multi-use games areas (mugas) nationwide for over 30 years. We are used to providing the play expertise needed to realise the leisure facilities surrounding a new development and happy to work in partnership with your chosen Architects / Landscape Architects.

Why Choose Sutcliffe Play?

We are proud to design and manufacture here in the UK, and can provide off the shelf solutions or bespoke play areas and designs. Lead times are short. Quality assured.

“Experts” in Play

Whilst children themselves are the experts in playing, our customers tell us we are the experts in play and play spaces. Our company vision is to be “the global experts in play”. Knowledge is what others say sets us apart – knowledge of children, engagement, design, risk, challenge, inclusion and accessibility.

Product Range

Our range is the most extensive in the UK and is ideally suited to property developers and house bulder projects. We offer steel, timber and natural play equipment such as water and sand play. We span the age ranges from toddlers, to teenagers to adults. We provide traditional playground equipment such as swings, slides, roundabouts, seesaws, and more unusual items such as trampolines, zip wires, trim trails and net climbers. We specialise in inclusive play equipment. Sutcliffe Play also manufactures youth shelters, ballcourts or muga’s (multi-use games areas), and furniture such as benches and bins.

Flexibility and bespoke design

No project is simple and what we can offer is the flexibility and in-house design capabilities to solve numerous problems – Roman remains, strange funghi or bats on site, contaminated land, waterlogging, space only on a car park roof. We have come across all of these and come up with innovative solutions. Having our own factory and designers means we can work around all such issues.

Full range of services

We research and consult, design playspaces, design and manufacture play equipment, and refurbish tired play areas. Our Contracts department can take care of installation and landscaping, providing on site project management as required. Finally we provide after sales service in the form of technical support and advice and swift supply of spares.

Free play area design

We have a team of play area designers, led by a qualified landscape architect. Following a site visit and survey, we will provide your Architects or Quantity Surveyors with comprehensive proposals, designs and costings for a whole landscaped playspace. This will include draft designs with plan views and 3D visuals that will help you visualise the area for future residents.

Quality Assured

All of Sutcliffe Play operations meet the independently audited ISO9001 quality assurance standard. Every product in our catalogue is certified to EN1176.  Because we are employee owned, everyone in the company can lay claim to the title of Quality Controller. We have extensive guarantees, with a lifetime philosophy. We are a founder member of the API, our industry association that ensures that members have the necessary experience, financial status and quality of workmanship.


As a responsible manufacturer and installer, we are always mindful of how our projects correspond with existing guidelines to ensure they fit seamlessly into the local area and are of the highest utility to the community. With this in mind, we offer property  developers, house builders and architects three options to choose from – LAP, LEAPS and NEAPS, corresponding with Fields in Trust’s ‘Guidance for Outdoor Sport and Play’ (formerly the Six Acre Standard) framework for exterior recreational space:

LAPS, or Local Areas for Play, are located within a minute’s walking distance of a well-used pedestrian route, and intended for children aged 6 or below. They must feature a minimum activity zone of 100 sq/m, and a 5m buffer zone between themselves and the nearest home. LAPS are a good option for new housing estates which are attractive to new and expecting parents.

LEAPS, or Local Equipment Area for Play, are located within 5 minutes’ walking distance of a well-used pedestrian route, and intended for use by children who are beginning to play independently, LEAPS include an activity zone of at least 400sq/m, whilst a 10m buffer zone should be provided between the LEAP and the nearest home.

NEAPS, or Neighbourhood Equipped Areas for Play, are located within 15 minutes’ walking distance of a well-used pedestrian route, and are intended primarily for older children, but are also expected to include play opportunities for younger ones. NEAPS should include a buffer zone of at least 30m from the nearest home, and an activity zone of at least 1000sq/m. NEAPS are considered the best fit for well-established communities, providing the essential space for older children to develop in a safe location.

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