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Proud to manufacture in Yorkshire!

Over 100 years ago, Sutcliffe Engineering was formed and began life in the mining industry.

Throughout the last century, the business has acclimatised to the ever changing market conditions, and in 1980 the modern day Sutcliffe Play, as we know it today, began.

In our factory at Sutcliffe Play HQ, we are proud to have a Francis Shaw & Co. Rubber Press which dates back to 1905 and is still producing Sutcliffe Play swing seats today!

Francis Shaw & Co, a Manchester based engineering company was founded in 1879, they manufactured industrial machinery throughout the 20th century. They were one of the largest manufacturers in Great Britain at the time.

The rubber press in our factory was originally sent to Spain to press grapes for wine production. The grape press eventually made its way back to the UK and was repurposed to become a rubber press to produce automotive parts for Sutcliffe Play in the 1950’s.

Take a look here to see how Sutcliffe Play has grown since life in the mines and into one of the world’s leading playground manufacturers.

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