pod youth shelter
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The Pod Youth Shelter

Our Youth Shelters are ideal for teenagers in the park or in school playgrounds.

Our innovative Pod youth shelter and Music Player were developed following extensive consultation with a local authority and children in secondary schools, it includes a unique, child-powered Bluetooth music player.

The Pod helps children understand, through creativity and play, how power can be created in a way that is kind to the environment.

Bluetooth Technology

This state-of-the-art unit can be fitted with an optional self-contained, low voltage Bluetooth Music Player and LED lights which are powered by a crank handle. This exciting feature allows teenagers to learn about kinetic power whilst playing music stored on their mobile phones via the two speakers.

The system is completely sealed within a steel tube with no switches or dials and the whole system is controlled by a computer programme, allowing the maximum music volume to be pre-set by the customer set to suit the location. The unit can also be programmed to be off at night.

The lights are controlled by a sensor that automatically turns on as the light level drops at night, and the brightness can be pre-decided to suit individual customers, and as users power up the system themselves, the battery will never go flat!

Child Powered

As the system requires physical exertion, the Pod also gets children active and helps them keep fit in the process. Children love the freedom of being able to control the technology without having to rely upon adults to give them access to it. The Pod encourages children of different ages to socialise, keep fit and share their music.

Modular in design

The Pod’s modular system was developed following meetings with Kirklees Council and Sutcliffe Play was able to build their recommendations into the design. As a result, each customer can specify how open or enclosed they would like their unit to be, allowing easy visual access to police officers if required.

Angled panels and rubber seals also prevent excess noise leaving the Pod so nearby residents and facilities shouldn’t be disturbed. The fully sealed panels prevent excess water from entering the unit and large side panels form a shield against the wind, protecting the children and young people inside from the elements.

The Music Player can also be used as a standalone item produced in colours to match other Sutcliffe Play equipment such as Mission or Playzone. An alternative seating unit can also be added that keeps a more open feel around the Music Player.

Other features include:

  • A wide opening and seating at two levels makes the pod extremely accessible for all
  • Modular in design allowing for different size and budget restrictions
  • Durable and resilient, a steel construction with a tough powder coat finish.
  • Protection from wind and rain is provided from the enclosed nature of the Pod with an overhanging roof and specially designed rubber waterproof strips.

N.B. There can be a problem with Bluetooth units if there are two installed in close proximity. Each will try to communicate with each other rather enabling connection with a phone. Bluetooth units should be installed at least 30 metres apart to prevent this happening.