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Five new projects to deliver exciting play opportunities

Sutcliffe Play has several exciting new projects under way, with five play areas being installed in the South and South East of England.

We are creating imaginative new playgrounds with Slough Borough Council, Billinghurst Parish Council, Thanet District Council and Havant Borough Council. Several of the play areas have recently been completed or are in progress, while Havant Borough Council’s Cowplain Recreation Ground is due for installation in January.

The playgrounds include Lascelles Park in Slough, where we created a varied playground for toddlers and younger children designed to deliver inclusive, cooperative play. The equipment includes four springies, an inclusive dish roundabout and a Minnow Toddlerzone Unit which caters for all abilities and features a shallow climbing ramp and a running bridge to facilitate chasing games and social play.

Toddlerzone is also a feature at Northdown Park in Kent. The playground features two Toddlerzone units including a Toddlerzone Playhouse, which has music pipes and a puzzle panel to encourage creative play. Northdown Park also features inclusive butterfly and oyster roundabouts, swings with pod, inclusive and bumper seats and an inclusive ladybird springie to deliver play for children of all abilities.

Meanwhile, challenging play for older children is delivered by a 20m cableway, an exhilarating single point swing, and a Mission Target unit, which consists of a maze of random platforms at different heights, a spin pole and challenging V net climber.

Mercian Recreation Ground in Slough features our inclusive nest swing, designed to take several young children and those with special needs, and a Playzone system which has a younger section plus a more challenging area for older ones, with a pull-up ramp, a vertical net and a pole climb. A hand-over-hand acts as a filter between the two areas.

The designs for Cherry Tree Close Play Area in West Sussex and Cowplain Recreation Ground both include equipment from our Orchard range, a range of wood-based clamber units, small and large tower units, swings and trim trails. Cherry Tree Close Play Area also features an inclusive dish and nest roundabouts, while Cowplain Recreation Ground’s equipment will include a sand digger, a 30m cableway and a dynamic sling shot.

June Felix from Sutcliffe Play says: “We’re delighted to have been involved in creating such a wide range of playgrounds this winter. Our expertise in tailoring playground designs to suit the requirements of our customers has come to the fore, and we have used Sutcliffe Play’s wide range of equipment to provide exciting play opportunities which children will be able to enjoy for many years to come.”

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