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New Playground down in Swanage

Swanage Town Council has recently undertaken a project to update the play area in Day’s Park.  The old play equipment had come to the end of its life, and under the stringent health and safety guide lines for playgrounds it was deemed necessary to close the existing play area.

As part of the Council’s wider programme to improve facilities in the town, councillors agreed to an investment from its capital budget to install a range of new play equipment, and move the play area away from the trees to provide a safer environment for children to play in.

Following a tender process, Sutcliffe Play South West was commissioned to install the play equipment.   The advice from ‘Play England’ the charter for children’s play, is that there is a growing awareness of the value of play provision that gives children and young people active, challenging play opportunities.   From toddlers to teenagers, able-bodied and disabled children, Sutcliffe Play equipment presents varying degrees of challenge, difficulty and risk.  The new equipment offers the opportunity for climbing, swinging, sliding and spinning thus giving children the chance to work difficulties out for themselves, giving them confidence and the ultimate health boost of exercise and fresh air.

Next to the children’s area, a range of outdoor gym equipment has been installed for teenagers and adults alike.  There is a ‘power push’ to build strength, ‘mini ski’ for balance and co-ordination, ‘health walker’ for flexibility and cardiovascular exercise and a ‘ski stepper’ for co-ordination and cardiovascular exercise.  Day’s Park has now become a multi- use venue!  A large area is available for dog walkers, with the knowledge that dog bins have been provided to keep the park clean for everyone.  Seating is provided around the park and in the pretty garden, created from an idea from the ‘Swanage In Bloom’ committee in 1990.  Plenty of room for children to have free play and now the added bonus of a fantastic new play area for all ages to enjoy!

Sutcliffe Play’s Chairman, Robin Sutcliffe lives in Swanage and comments: “It’s fantastic to see our equipment in my home-town.  We believe that fun and challenge should be at the heart of all playground designs and the new Day’s Park playground certainly has plenty of that.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the local community enjoy their new play facilities.”

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