More Activites, More Play value, More fun!

DZU451 DaffodilOver the years we have developed a wide range of Toddlerzone play equipment that aims to inspire little ones to imaginative, social and physical play. 

We believe in creating equipment that has maximum play value at the core of its design. All of the NEW ToddlerzoneDZU453  Spider Plus range have been designed not only to develop important social and physical skills, but to create exciting play opportunities for toddlers to enjoy for many years. The range has been designed to offer even more play activities within each unit, making use of space above and below deck level.

Toddlerzone Plus has been designed to reflect a natural theme with gently waving panels a ‘natural colour palette’ and themes and motifs that reflect the natural world. It takes the form of a gently ascending trio of platforms (0.9m, 1.05m & 1.2m) with access points at either end to enable movement flow across the unit.

Incline climbing ramps with feature climbing blocks and hand holds, enable an easier access at the lower deck. A new leaf stepper utilises a corner post to place a series of ‘foot sized’ leaf shaped steps. These require a higher degree of co-ordination as children grow in confidence and skill.

Dzu454 Daisy View 01Slides use a stainless steel bedway with HPL sides to form a fast descent back to ground level. Binocular rails and  mini megaphones give the opportunity to create social games across the wider playground.
A circular finger maze and a bug pathways panel add to play on a micro level, adding moments of delight as children play. A polycarbonate window panel gives a green tint to the world outside. Space under the decks utilises multi level play opportunities by incorporating tunnels and seats. A modular play system offering flexibility.

To sit alongside, and add to your overall scheme, we have also designed three new springies.

SSB160 Ladybird Springie

Ssb170 Busy Bee SpringieSsb150 Flower Springie