mission inspiring outdoor playspace
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Mission Playground Equipment

Designed for older juniors, Mission offers testing physical play opportunities from the play experts. Focusing on climbing, traversing, and descending in unique ways, Mission invites children to take part in high energy invigorating play. Intended to keep them interested for extended playing time, Mission will help children keep active and fit.

Our Mission units offer varying degrees of challenge, interspersed with resting places, slides and glides, it can be tailored to suit specific budgets or play areas.

Mission Standard Units

A range of standard units which can be combine to create an exciting play area. Each of the standard units will integrate with each other to allow you to customise the play area to meet your own requirements. To personalise your Mission unit, stencilled cut out panels on selected units allow for customised wording to be used at no extra cost.

Mission Stand Alone Units

As well as the main modular structures there are also complimentary individual play items such as the hanging glide, spring platform, stepping posts, and hammock. All these elements can be combined in the play space to create quality play environments which can be tailored to suit specific budgets or areas.

Mission Specification

Tough aluminium uprights have been developed with four internal ribs giving more flexibility and enabling dynamic play activities. Also chosen for its extreme durability in the ground.

Soft rubber has been used throughout. Main features are post  and end caps with rings and grip ribs to provide safe ‘holding places’. A steel core ensures their durability.

Platforms and panels have been manufactured to offer a slip resistant surface using Hexaboard.

Choose your own colours – standard colours for Mission structural steel are violet and blue, but other colours can be used (prices on application).mission-inset-1