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We believe passionately in ‘inclusive play’, and we do this in an invisible way, allowing all children to discover and extend their own boundaries while playing side-by-side.

Huge importance is placed on carefully designing inclusive features into our equipment and play spaces to open up play to each and every child.

We believe that every child should have equal access to good, meaningful play opportunities by designing our equipment to enable users with a wide range of abilities, rather than just for disabled children, to enjoy play spaces together, to play together.

Play equipment that creates new challenges for all.

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We actively encourage our design team to build in an element of risk within both product and play space design to ensure play spaces are stimulating and challenging.

Children like to take risks, it is a fundamental part of growing up and learning. An element of risk is an added vital ingredient in play.

Acceptable levels of risk – essential for good creative play, we never lose sight of the importance risk plays in a child’s development.

Explore and discover – from toddlers to teenagers, for able-bodied and disabled children, our equipment presents varying degrees of challenge, difficulty and risk.

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