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A Flywheel first!

Eythorne Parish Council has become the first playground in the UK to install our innovative new Flywheel roundabout.

The Elvington Play Area in Kent is the proud owner of the roundabout that has room for up to nine children to enjoy at once. The Flywheel features a central seating area for up to six children and three support bars to allow three more children to stand up. The bars also enable three children at once to generate movement creating an exhilarating ride.

We added the Flywheel alongside a new seesaw to an existing playground to improve the play value of an already much-loved playground.

Suzanne Collins from Eythorne Parish Council says: “We love the new equipment and we’re delighted that the children in our community are the first to enjoy Sutcliffe Play’s new Flywheel. The response has already been fantastic and it’s a pleasure to watch children playing together on the new equipment.”

Modern roundabouts are a playground classic that come in many different forms and whilst children love the fun and speed they add to playgrounds there are many other benefits. Roundabouts help children to develop a better understanding of risk, they improve balance and encourage teamwork.

Take a look at our range of roundabouts here to find out more.

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