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MTU014: Suitable for All Surfacing

Play Type: Physical, Locomotor, Role, Imaginative, and Social


MTU014: Suitable for All Surfacing

Play Type: Physical, Locomotor, Role, Imaginative, and Social

Suitability Information

Age Range: All Years

Area: 13.05m2

Perimeter: 13.03m


Product Description

Wrigglers are essentially informal seats when placed in isolation and can be used as balancing elements when placed in groups. Set at different heights they take the form of a caterpillar with a smiling face at each end with the detailed features routed in to the HPL top surface doubling as a grip for children’s feet.

A support base of Hexastrong exterior plywood reinforces the Wriggler surface and individual leg supports between each panel can be rotated to allow modular formations such as zigzags or circles.

Additional Product Information

Our single height balancing platform, ‘Wriggler’, is the perfect accompaniment to our Minitown, Themed and Toddlerzone multi play product ranges. Ideal used as a stand alone item for balancing, seating or trim trail activities.

Designed for ‘tiddlers’ age range 2 to 5, Minitown multi play structures fits in to the ‘pre-school’ market or sites when Toddlerzone is too large to be competitive with other more diminutive systems. At a maximum deck height of 595mm this system doesn’t require surfacing when installed on to grass, only a requirement for wear pads of grass mat (14.5 tiles). Each deck is 750 x 600mm, however with angled posts the side panels are larger towards the top giving more area for activities.

Tried & tested Features include:

  • Rubber post caps and tube junctions
  • HPL side panels / activities
  • Tamper-proof fixings from Toddlerzone
  • Post design based on Minizone
  • Hexaboard decks (not PU)


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