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OTW225: Suitable for Rubber Surfacing

OTU225: Suitable for Bark, Sand Fill

Inclusive Accessible from ground level

Accessible from ground level

Play Values 1 1 5 4
Play Type: Inclusive, Physical, Social, Challenging, Locomotor


OTW225: Suitable for Rubber Surfacing

OTU225: Suitable for Bark, Sand Fill

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Inclusive Accessible from ground level

Accessible from ground level

Play Values 1 1 5 4

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Play Type: Inclusive, Physical, Social, Challenging, Locomotor

Suitability Information

Age Range: 4 to 12

Area: 29.10m2

Perimeter: 20.70m

HIC: 1.20m

Overall Weight: 471Kg

Heaviest Part: 70Kg

Longest Part: 2.99m

Product Description

Inclusive Wooden Climbing Frame.

Hazel is the first unit in the Orchard range designed with a focus on inclusivity. Inspired by nature in its theming, visually it compliments not only the existing Orchard ranges but also links with a variety of other ranges, for example Mini Town.

With 12 play feature activities, the large central deck features five sides, which enables crawling or shuffling to reach a variety of access points and activities. This is vital for providing options to users of varying abilities and inclinations.

Can accommodate up to 15 users.

Additional Product Information

Hazel uses the key elements of the original Orchard range, but features a more flexible deck system and a range of new activities and configurations. The interface of timber and steel also has more built in tolerance.
An audio-visual rotating wheel barrier features so much more than just providing a dynamic, easy-to-use activity:
A friendly snail motif with spiral shell presents an optical illusion as the wheel spins above a garden scene.
A ball bearing within the wheel’s tubular frame is pulled round with the momentum of the spin, producing a fascinating sound from a feature unseen.
On the reverse of the barrier, a finger maze is set within the disc florets of a bold flower, providing a quietly challenging activity for the patient child.
Above the maze, the back of the wheel features day and night symbols of sunshine, clouds, moon and star that alternate like the real thing as the wheel is spun, hiding one and exposing the other when in motion.
The wheel can be accessed from both ground level and from the deck, providing ergonomic options to the variety of potential user abilities.
A set of shuffle steps can also be used as shuffle decks to gain access to the large deck. Hand rails provide support for both ascending and descending, whilst the open concept allows easy access by guardians to provide extra guidance if needed.
Mounted on a flower-clad barrier, binoculars with a swiveling action fuel the imagination by providing an opportunity to look out to the surrounding landscape and friends below.
Access through the binocular barrier can be gained by ascending the leaf steps, which are positioned in a spiral configuration to practice coordination.
A bench seat with nature-themed engravings provides a moment of respite, allowing the chance to sit peacefully with the butterflies or socialise with friends.
An inclined drag ramp with climbing nodules, ropes and a transfer deck facilitate access for wheelchair users with a degree of upper body strength.
A stainless steel slide with high HPL sides adds to the fun offering a quick exit into the flower bed.
Finally a bird motif engraved in a cloud flies from the tallest post, providing height and presence to the unit, adding to the theme and drawing attention.

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Physical & Locomotor

Encourages movement skills; crawling, chasing, climbing, jumping, swinging and balance.


Key areas where play can encourage social interaction, the building block of society.


Exploration and manipulation of object through all the senses.


Use imagination to try out new experiences, test boundaries, develop manual skills and allow for self expression.

Role Play & Imaginative

Allows opportunity to enact various experiences, experimenting with decision making on their behaviour and social interaction.