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Primrose Picnic Table

FUT250: No Safety Surfacing Required

Primrose Picnic Table

FUT250: No Safety Surfacing Required

Suitability Information

Age Range: All Years

Area: 12.5m2

Perimeter: 12.3m

Longest Part: 1.84m

Product Description

Metal Furniture.

The Picnic is a larger table for six children or four adults. A pathway maze showing ‘flight paths’ of insects to a flower add interest to little fingers.

This system of seating is designed to accomodate wheelchairs.

Additional Product Information

A deceptively simple seating system made up of four elements that can be made in to a large number of combinations. Alternatively a range of four pre- designed configurations can be specified.

Designed for younger children these seating elements create a social meeting place, a place to play with any brought in items or just have a picnic.

The Bean (FUB200), the Pea Pod (FUB250), the Blossom (FUT200) and the Picnic (FUT250).

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