Inclusive St Helier Toddlerzone DZW471
Inclusive St Helier Toddlerzone DZW471Inclusive St Helier Toddlerzone DZW471Inclusive St Helier Toddlerzone DZW471Inclusive St Helier Toddlerzone DZW471

St Helier

DZW471 Bark, Sand Fill DZU471 Rubber Surfacing

This specially designed system that has a multitude of play spaces to visit and explore. A combination of roofed play tower activity panels, including shops, look outs and even a music panel, offer a wide range of play opportunities for younger children of all abilities.

A series of bridges and drag ramps link all the ‘play destinations’ together, enabling users to travel around the unit, discovering a total of 40 activities. Featuring physical and locomotor elements with a range of challenges, users can choose the route appropriate to their ability, with the prospect of progressing to more difficult activities in the future.
The unit features a myriad of play activities from ground level to 1.2m high that will stimulate the imagination, encourage social interaction and offer play experiences to develop young minds.

This unit is completed with two slides making the St Helier the ultimate Toddlerzone.

Safety Surfacing






0.9 & 1.2m
Age Range

Age Range

2 - 6 years
Installation Time

Installation Time

40 hours
Heaviest Component

Heaviest Part

Play Type

Play Type

Inclusive, Imaginitive, Social, Physical, Challenging, Intellectual
Total Weight

Total Weight