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Snug Mound

SGM920G Large Mound SSM910G Small Mound Suitable for all types of surfacing

The Mound is made up of ramps, quadrants, slabs and a platform. Once joined together these can dramatically alter the playground landscape. They can be arranged to form small humps through to large hills or extended ridges and valleys that allow children to experience different levels and slopes.

The Mound is joined together securely with rubber connectors that bolt through the corner of each mound part. Bungs hide these bolt heads from view.

There are two sizes of standard Mound available, but there are also additional landscaping elements that can be purchased to change the size and shape of any Mound in use.

Maintenance: Clean with soap and water when necessary.

Safety Surfacing






Age Range

Age Range

3 - 11 years
Installation Time

Installation Time

0 hours
Heaviest Component

Heaviest Part

Play Type

Play Type

Physical, Role & Imaginative, Social, Inclusive