Seaside & Sandcastle

THU001 Bark, Sand, Rubber Surfacing
THU001 Seaside & Sandcastle

Our Seaside and Sandcastle themed unit is designed with two contrasting coastal themes to each side of the framework. Entry to first the seascape can be through a giant lifebuoy set in the middle of the ocean, emerging on to the beach at the other side.

The unit has a central tower that rises to 1.2m high and is designed to accommodate various accesses. Beach hut panels create an upper level playhouse on one side and a giant sandcastle on the other. The unit has a slide on one side, with an inclusive climbing ramp, complete with side transfer platform fits in to the other.

The Seaside feature incorporates a beach hut, in traditional red & white stripes, accessed using a climber. Underneath the slide is a seaside hideaway, accessed through a ‘lifebuoy’ entrance feature. When inside children can peep out through a pair of binoculars. Swimming fish and a spinning starfish, which glide along an undulating slot, add moving, tactile elements for added play value. A sailing boat and blue wave panel adds to the theme of the sea.

The Sandcastle feature has more of a beach narrative, a giant sandcastle frames the 1.2m platform, accessed by a climber. A hideaway under the ramp features a mini sandcastle, this time with windows to peep out of. A spinning windmill, and bucket & spade graphics adds to the beach aesthetic.

Safety Surfacing






Age Range

Age Range

2 - 10 years
Installation Time

Installation Time

6 hours
Play Type

Play Type

Inclusive, Physical, Locomotor, Social, Imaginative