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Seaside and Sandcastle

THU001: Suitable for All Safety Surfacing

Inclusive Crawling and shuffling

Crawling and shuffling

Play Values 5 0 5 6
Play Type: Inclusive, Physical, Imaginative, Social. Locomotor

Seaside and Sandcastle

THU001: Suitable for All Safety Surfacing

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Inclusive Crawling and shuffling

Crawling and shuffling

Play Values 5 0 5 6

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Play Type: Inclusive, Physical, Imaginative, Social. Locomotor

Suitability Information

Age Range: 2 to 10

Area: 24.70m2

Perimeter: 19.10m

HIC: 1.20m

Overall Weight: 440Kg

Heaviest Part: 180Kg

Longest Part: 2.71m

Product Description

Metal Climbing Frame.

Our Seaside and Sandcastle themed unit is designed with two contrasting coastal themes to each side of the framework.

With 15 play feature activities, entry to first the seascape can be through a giant lifebuoy set in the middle of the ocean, emerging on to the beach at the other side.

Can accommodate up to 15 users.

Additional Product Information

The Seaside and Sandcastle unit has a central tower that rises to 1.2m high and is designed to accommodate various accesses. Beach hut panels create an upper level playhouse on one side and a giant sandcastle on the other. The unit has a slide on one side, with an inclusive climbing ramp, complete with side transfer platform fits in to the other.

The Seaside feature incorporates a beach hut, in traditional red & white stripes, accessed using a climber. Underneath the slide is a seaside hideaway, accessed through a ‘lifebuoy’ entrance feature. When inside children can peep out through a pair of binoculars. Swimming fish and a spinning starfish, which glide along an undulating slot, add moving, tactile elements for added play value. A sailing boat and blue wave panel adds to the theme of the sea.

The Sandcastle feature has more of a beach narrative, a giant sandcastle frames the 1.2m platform, accessed by a climber. A hideaway under the ramp features a mini sandcastle, this time with windows to peep out of. A spinning windmill, and bucket & spade graphics adds to the beach aesthetic.

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Physical & Locomotor

Encourages movement skills; crawling, chasing, climbing, jumping, swinging and balance.


Key areas where play can encourage social interaction, the building block of society.


Exploration and manipulation of object through all the senses.


Use imagination to try out new experiences, test boundaries, develop manual skills and allow for self expression.

Role Play & Imaginative

Allows opportunity to enact various experiences, experimenting with decision making on their behaviour and social interaction.