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OTW205: Suitable for Rubber Surfacing

OTU205: Suitable for Bark, Sand Fill

Play Values 0 0 6 1
Play Type: Physical, Social, Challenging, Locomotor


OTW205: Suitable for Rubber Surfacing

OTU205: Suitable for Bark, Sand Fill

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Play Values 0 0 6 1

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Play Type: Physical, Social, Challenging, Locomotor

Suitability Information

Age Range: 4 to 12

Area: 34.10m2

Perimeter: 24.00m

HIC: 1.60m

Overall Weight: 289Kg

Heaviest Part: 20Kg

Longest Part: 3.70m

Product Description

Wooden Climbing Frame.

Rowan is the most compact wooden multi play unit in the new range, it features 6 play feature activities on a single tower unit.

There are four degrees of challenge to access the Rowan wooden multi play unit enabling users to grow in to the unit as their skill, strength and confidence grows. At 1.6 m high this unit is designed to have a height suitable for this intermediate age range.

Rowan uses the key elements of the original Orchard range, but features a more flexible deck system and a range of new activities and configurations. The interface of timber and steel also has more built in tolerance.

Can accommodate up to 8 users.

Additional Product Information

A challenging climbing wall gives the unit a presence on presentations, while offering a climbing activity associated with more expensive units.
A leaf step access echoes the climbing grips, but with enough room for a foot, it makes the climb slightly easier while still having to coordinate to accommodate a ‘spiral’ ascent.
A vertical climbing grip ascent is centred around a single post offering a significant degree of challenge.
An inclined log notch climber adds to the range of access, with a step by step Finally a set of slide bars gives the opportunity to get back to ground level with speed and exhilaration. Pole Grips allow a vertical ascent.

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Physical & Locomotor

Encourages movement skills; crawling, chasing, climbing, jumping, swinging and balance.


Key areas where play can encourage social interaction, the building block of society.


Exploration and manipulation of object through all the senses.


Use imagination to try out new experiences, test boundaries, develop manual skills and allow for self expression.

Role Play & Imaginative

Allows opportunity to enact various experiences, experimenting with decision making on their behaviour and social interaction.