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Nest Seat

SRR150BLK: No Safety Surfacing Required

Inclusive Supported Swinging

Supported Swinging

Play Type: Physical, Social, Inclusive

Nest Seat

SRR150BLK: No Safety Surfacing Required

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Inclusive Supported Swinging

Supported Swinging

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Play Type: Physical, Social, Inclusive

Suitability Information

Age Range: 4 to 16

Overall Weight: 55Kg

Heaviest Part: 55Kg

Longest Part: 1.2m x 1.2m x 0.40m

Product Description

Inclusive Swing Seat.

Designed especially to accommodate several young children and those with special needs, this 1.2m inclusive rubber nest swing seat is designed like bird’s nest and enables children of all abilities to swing together, for a more sociable experience.

Additional Product Information

It has a comfortable, continuous moulded rubber seating surface and our unique impact absorbing safety edge around the whole seat, for a higher level of safety and no finger traps. Tested and certified to EN1176 safety standards, a moulded pattern provides added grip for users.
Designed in four sections, any quarter can be replaced individually keeping replacement parts to a minimum, it can also be connected to a range of swing frames and used on multi-directional swings such as our single point swing.
All nest swing rubber components have been tested in accordance with the restriction of the 8 PAH’s regulations and fully comply with the requirements of the European (REACH) legislation. It can also be manufactured with rubber tested in accordance with 18 PAH’s regulations if required.
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Srr150 Rubber Nest Info Sheet

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Physical & Locomotor

Encourages movement skills; crawling, chasing, climbing, jumping, swinging and balance.


Key areas where play can encourage social interaction, the building block of society.


Exploration and manipulation of object through all the senses.


Use imagination to try out new experiences, test boundaries, develop manual skills and allow for self expression.

Role Play & Imaginative

Allows opportunity to enact various experiences, experimenting with decision making on their behaviour and social interaction.