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Modular Swing Set

Modular standalone 2.4m high swing frame: Suitable for all safety surfacing

Play Type: Physical, Locomotor, Social

Modular Swing Set

Modular standalone 2.4m high swing frame: Suitable for all safety surfacing

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Play Type: Physical, Locomotor, Social

Suitability Information

Age Range: All Years

HIC: 1.50m

Product Description

Metal Swing Set.

Designed to enable a range of combinations with different seats for one, two and three bay designs. Using a base frame to start, other frames can be added to complete the desired configuration for each site.

This modular system consists of front and rear end legs and a choice of three top bars to make up the desired base frame. Additional swing bays are added with a pair of centre legs, one set of end legs from the base swing are moved to the end of the new.

Swings will be available in two seat and four seat configurations with an additional basket swing option and each swing set will be issued with the D shackles fitted to the top bar.

Swings legs are available in green as standard and special colours are available upon request, subject to a surcharge.

Please go to the download section below for all surfacing details and contact the sales office if you would like any further information on the seat combinations shown.

Additional Product Information

Things To Consider…..

There are a selection of seats that you can choose to add to this swing set but please take into account the following information.

  • When creating multiple bay combinations nest style swings should be placed at either end of the combination, not in the middle.
  • Consider the position of Inclusive Seats, ideally place away from nest, basket and FUX or group seats when three bays are being used. Users of Inclusive Seats may require help by others to access the seat, keep this type of seat away from a multi user seat or if possible at the opposite end of the bay combination, to allow for easier access.
  • Don’t put inclusive seats side by side…there is the potential for lateral movement if these seats are misused. The probable requirement for others to help the user get in to the seat means extra circulation space is desirable.

All swing seats can be found in our swing seat section on this website or online @ https://sutcliffeplaydirect.co.uk/

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Physical & Locomotor

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Key areas where play can encourage social interaction, the building block of society.


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Use imagination to try out new experiences, test boundaries, develop manual skills and allow for self expression.

Role Play & Imaginative

Allows opportunity to enact various experiences, experimenting with decision making on their behaviour and social interaction.