Mini multi play MTU007 Minitown Villa
Mini multi play MTU007 Minitown VillaMini multi play MTU007 Minitown VillaPre-school multi play unit Mini Town MansionPre-school multi play unit Mini Town Mansion


MTU007 Bark, Sand Fill MTW007 Rubber Surfacing

A mini multi play system that uses angled posts. This unit has a distinctive look which suggests a bigger visual impact than the actual deck size implies. It is designed for small children with an age range of 2 to 5. This mini multi play system, Villa, is ideally suited to fit into the ‘pre school’ market or a toddler area public play space.

This mini multi play system doesn’t require surfacing when installed on to grass, it only requires wear pads of grass mat (15.5 tiles). Each deck is 750 x 600mm, but having angled posts means that the side panels are larger towards the top giving more area for activities.

As this mini multi play system has ten activities on two towers unit, it should score well in ‘play point’ tenders. The installation foundations, and their cost, are minimised as the posts converge to a single foundation at each side. There are two per tower.

Activities include

  • Stainless steel slide
  • Pogo climb
  • Cat / dog panel
  • Wriggler steps
  • Peg climb
  • Arch bridge (with two rolling flowers)
  • Wriggler balance
  • Spinning Spiral (optical)
  • Hide-hole under deck

Safety Surfacing






Age Range

Age Range

2 - 5 years
Installation Time

Installation Time

10 hours
Heaviest Component

Heaviest Part

Play Type

Play Type

Physical, Object, Role Play & Social
Total Weight

Total Weight