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Inclusive Scooter Wheelchair Roundabout

SIR000: Suitable for All Safety Surfacing

Inclusive Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Play Values 0 0 1 0
Play Type: Inclusive, Physical, Social

Inclusive Scooter Wheelchair Roundabout

SIR000: Suitable for All Safety Surfacing

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Inclusive Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Play Values 0 0 1 0

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Play Type: Inclusive, Physical, Social

Suitability Information

Age Range: 3 to 14

Area: 29.70m2

Perimeter: 19.60m

HIC: 1.00m

Overall Weight: 270Kg

Heaviest Part: 30Kg

Longest Part: 2.08m

Product Description

Wheelchair Roundabout.

This inclusive wheelchair roundabout is designed to offer inclusivity, functionality and durability, without compromising on the fun that children and carers can enjoy, whilst experiencing the spinning motion together.

This inground roundabout has been designed to accept a centrally positioned wheelchair and is available in two configurations.The Inclusive Scooter version is fitted with a two-user seat and deck mounted scooter. Children can stand on the scooter and using their outer foot positioned over the perimeter deck plate, they can propel the roundabout with ease.

NB Refer to website instructions when installing into a school environment.

Can accommodate up to 4 users.

Additional Product Information

This inclusive wheelchair roundabout can accommodate a wheelchair and carers. Two users can sit and more can stand if they choose to do so. The wide central space facilitates a range of wheelchairs. Bump stops on both sides give a position to apply the wheelchair roundabout brakes. The ‘roll on roll off’ design enables users to exit in a forward position. For safety purposes the deck of the inclusive wheelchair roundabout is constructed from a 18mm ‘Hexastrong’ plywood. This has a non slip wearing layer to the top surface and the HPL outer rim is etched with a non slip pattern. A lime green edge acts as a visual indicator for partially sighted users. A curved seat with a powder coated frame and backrests enables 2 users to sit.
Due to the bearing mechanism used this roundabout is free running for over two minutes. This gives users the chance to enjoy the experience rather than pushing all the time. More speed, more fun!
For installation purposes the inclusive scooter roundabout is designed to be simple to install. With a central spindle and bearing housing which fixes to a ‘spider’ frame, supporting the inner deck boards. A waterproof housing shield protects the bearings from water. There is a non return valve enables water to drain away preventing damage to the bearings.

Follow the link below to see one of our Special Education Needs projects where this inclusive wheelchair roundabout has become a popular item in their playground.




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