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PZW915: Suitable for Rubber surfacing

PZU915: Suitable for Bark, sand fill

Play Values 1 1 5 7
Play Type: Physical, Locomotor, Social, Imaginative


PZW915: Suitable for Rubber surfacing

PZU915: Suitable for Bark, sand fill

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Play Values 1 1 5 7

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Play Type: Physical, Locomotor, Social, Imaginative

Suitability Information

Age Range: 3 to 12

Area: 46.10m2

Perimeter: 28.50m

HIC: 1.80m

Longest Part: 4.80

Product Description

Themed Metal Climbing Frame.

The largest of the Toddlerzone+ range, the Foxglove has 8 play feature activities and has been designed to a nature/countryside theme with birds, an owl, a woodpecker, flowers, a hot air balloon, and even a vine clime to scale the hill.

With its dual zone design, the unit is divided into two distinct zones, with a lower deck at 0.8m designed for younger users and two upper decks at 1.4m and 1.7m for older children. These zones are divided by a ‘child filter’ deck to deck step of 0.6m.

Foxglove themed units are also available with a plastic slide using code PZW905 or PZU905.

Can accommodate up to 15 users.

Additional Product Information

Our Foxglove themed multiplay unit has been designed to maximise the activities, utilising the posts and avoiding extra foundation / surfacing requirements and their associated costs. Large decks at incremental heights offer 3m2 of deck space, giving children the space to play together, avoiding bottlenecks and enabling children to ‘chicken out’.

The Foxglove themed unit is divided in to two distinct zones, with a lower deck at 0.8m designed for younger users and two upper decks at 1.4m and 1.7m for older children. These zones are divided by a ‘child filter’ deck to deck step of 0.6m.

The ‘lower zone’ incorporates an inclined climbing ramp with feature climbing blocks to enable an easier access. These require a higher degree of coordination as children grow in confidence and skill. A rotor moulded plastic ‘u’ shaped slide offers a quick escape back to ground level. A megaphone adds another level of sensory play.

The higher decks can be accessed by a series of ‘foot sized’ leaf shaped steps mounted on one of the posts. A steep angled ‘vine climb’ offers more challenging ascent to the upper tower with a cottage window to greet friends on the outside. A stainless steel chute slide chute is the ultimate reward for getting to the upper tower.

Sustainable and Durable: Our multiplay units are built to last with a 25 year guarantee on the product. Reinforced aluminium uprights are used to eliminate the possibility of corrosion even in the harshest of environments. The aluminium we use is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Due to its adonised surface finish it does not require any painting for the duration of its life, this reduces any maintenance costs.

Posts and Caps: Rubber post caps with rounded edges safely finish off each upright and are pre-installed at our factory prior to dispatch. Joint caps are supplied to form a tamper proof covering for all fixings.

Play Panels: All panels are interchangeable and constructed from self-coloured HPL (high pressure laminate) with high impact, heat resistant properties, they are ideal for outdoor use with no colour fading. Ideal for adding characterful details and features that add play value at
every opportunity. Activities: Nylon bushes and washers are used to provide a free running surface for gliding or moving activites. Swivelling
binocular rails and mini megaphones give the opportunity to create social games across the playground.

Rope and nets: Scramble nets and climbing ropes are made from hard wearing polypropylene steel cored rope. All ends are crimped with aluminium ferrels and junctions, and have round or tee connectors for added strength.

Inclusive Rubber Decks: Our signature 9mm thick rubber decks provide soft, slip resistant safer surfaces and a soft, safe, play surface. Large soft decks and wide transfer platforms make it easy for children to navigate our multiplay units. They also allow parents or carers access to the play structure. At an inclusive height they allow more space for children to play together, avoiding bottlenecks, allowing less able bodied children to shuffle or crawl about. Yellow and black assists the visually impaired to see different deck levels.



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Allows opportunity to enact various experiences, experimenting with decision making on their behaviour and social interaction.