Fort Knight

DZW481 Bark, Sand Fill DZU481 Rubber Surfacing

Fort Knight is designed to a castle theme with crenulations, arches, and even a secret tunnel. Stonework details, arrow slit windows, heraldic shields and dungeon bars provide finishing touches.

Our Toddlerzone modular system still provides the framework on to which the castle themed activities are mounted. The rubber decks and aluminium posts gives the flexibility, strength and durability we enjoy with the established Toddlerzone system.

Large decks at incremental heights offer 3m2 of deck space, giving children the space to play together, avoiding bottlenecks and enabling children to ‘chicken out’.

The Fort Knight has been designed to maximise the activities, utilising space under the decks and on the posts, while minimising the surfacing requirements & saving significant costs.

The unit takes the form of a gently ascending trio of platforms (0.9m, 1.05m & 1.2m) with access points at either end to enable flow across the unit.

An inclined climbing ramp with feature climbing blocks and hand holds enable an easier access to enter the castle at the lowest deck. A new leaf stepper utilises a corner post to place a series of ‘foot sized’ leaf shaped steps so the user can scale the battlements. These require a higher degree of coordination as children grow in confidence and skill.

At the highest deck an inclined rope net provides a shortcut to the slide. The slide uses a stainless steel bedway with HPL sides to form a fast slide back to ground level.

Post-mounted binoculars for spying on the enemy incorporate a swivel and hand grips.  A mini megaphone, fashioned to look like a cannon, gives the user the opportunity to shout the alarm, creating social games across the wider playground.

A circular finger maze map panel add to play on a micro level adding moments of delight as children play. A set of stocks, dungeon window panel complete with twisted bars enables further fantasy play in and around the unit.

Safety Surfacing






Age Range

Age Range

2 - 6 years
Installation Time

Installation Time

10 hours
Heaviest Component

Heaviest Part

Play Type

Play Type

Physical, locomotor, role, imaginative, object, and social.
Total Weight

Total Weight