Digger & Tractor

THU003 Bark, Sand, Rubber Surfacing
THU003 Digger & Tractor
THU003 Digger & TractorThemed Play

Our Digger & Tractor themed unit is designed with two contrasting transport themes to each side of the framework. Digger & Tractor comprises of three sections which are joined to create the whole unit.

The central tower is 1.2m high with ring climber access to get into the cab. There is a slide on one side and an inclusive climbing ramp, complete with side transfer platform on the other.

The Digger side is a bright yellow machine, complete with digger bucket lifting a ‘boulder’ which makes up the side of the slide. A large front wheel frames the entrance to the interior of the unit. The cab has a steering wheel and gear shift to enhance the playability of the unit. The back section has a smaller wheel with a peep through centre and revolving cogs to form an engine. A feature working lever, complete with graphics adds to the theme

The Tractor side shares a cab with the Digger, but takes the familiar aesthetics of a typical tractor. The engine and front bumper complete the look with a corn thresher hitched to the back.

Safety Surfacing






Age Range

Age Range

2 - 10 years
Installation Time

Installation Time

6 hours
Play Type

Play Type

Inclusive, Physical, Locomotor, Social, Imaginative