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Daisy Toddlerzone+

DZU454 Bark, sand fill DZW454 Rubber surfacing

Daisy is part of our ‘Toddlerzone Plus’ range, designed to reflect a natural theme with gently waving panels a ‘natural colour palette’ and themes and motifs that reflect the natural world.

Daisy fits into the smallest space, while offering a direct flow of movement in use and a simple steel ladder with handrails provides a predictable level of difficulty to access the unit, suitable for most abilities.

Daisy has been designed to maximise activities, utilising space under the decks and on the posts, while minimising surfacing requirements. The space under the deck utilises multi level play opportunities by incorporating a crawling tunnel and creates an additional play feature at ground level.

There is a binocular rail for spying on wildlife, a circular finger maze and a pathway panel, ‘ladybird visiting the flowers’, to add to play on a micro level.

Safety Surfacing






Age Range

Age Range

2 - 6 years
Installation Time

Installation Time

7 hours
Heaviest Component

Heaviest Part

Play Type

Play Type

Physical, Locomotor, Role & Imaginative, Object
Total Weight

Total Weight