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Cobra Swing

COB001: Suitable for All Safety Surfacing

Play Type: Physical, Social, Locomotor

Cobra Swing

COB001: Suitable for All Safety Surfacing

Play Type: Physical, Social, Locomotor

Suitability Information

Age Range: 4 to 18

Area: 38m2

Perimeter: 27m

HIC: 1.5m

Overall Weight: 455Kg

Heaviest Part: 81Kg

Longest Part: 3.90m

Product Description

Metal Playground Swing

A challenging multi-user swing where up to 6 children of varied ages and abilities can all swing together.

This swing requires teamwork and balance to get the rope seat moving. Using a combination of balancing, swinging and rocking movements this multi-user swing encourages social cooperation and locomotor play.

With it’s chunky rope seat, adults are able to sit with smaller children to help them enjoy this swing too.

Additional Product Information

Using a cantilever arch support system the Cobra Swing adds an elegant profile to any play space. Using the natural strength of the arch shape, the strength of all the support stanchions is below ground level. The result is a play area uncluttered by the many swing legs normally associated with this type of swing.
The Cobra Swing has a square plait rope seat of 140 mm diameter and 2.2 m long, the rope assembly has four pairs of support ropes suspending the seat. The curve of the top rope is designed to limit the lateral movement of the swing.
The framework is constructed from 114 mm diameter x 5 mm wall powder coated steel with laser cut flange plates joining the sections together, this helps to make it easier to transport and install.
Contact the sales office for further information on installation or safety surfacing details.

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