4 Way Seesaw
4 Way Seesaw

4 Way Seesaw

FWS001 All surfacing

Our 4 way seesaw is designed to accommodate up to four users, this classic seesaw has been constructed to accommodate parents and carers as well as children. It has been designed to be compatible with our Mini Town range.

The 4 way seesaw incorporates two springs supporting a cross shaped steel frame where seating is positioned at either end of the frame, a further two seats are positioned directly above the springs.

The seats have pillion style handles on either side that enables parents or carers to rock side to side and creates an up and down motion for the children seated at each end. Generous handles offer a secure grip and help prevent users leaning too far forward.

Featuring our aluminium spring castings, any load is transferred evenly over the lower part of the spring, reducing wear and stress. The frame is constructed from rectangular steel section which is reinforced in to a with steel plate. The supports for the seats are tubular and welded to the main frame. The frame assembly is finished in a light grey polyester powder coat. Two vulcanised rubber buffers set in to the frame limit the movement in extreme use.  All the seats are manufactured from high pressure laminate.

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Age Range

Age Range

2 - 8 years