Enhance the power of play with our Bluetooth Music Player

Bluetooth Music PlayerOur innovative, Bluetooth child-powered Music Player, can add another play dimension to any play area and encourages children of all ages to socialise, keep fit and share music.  It has been designed to help children understand how power can be generated in a way that is kind to the environment.

The self-contained, low voltage Bluetooth Music Player with LCD lights is powered by turning fitted foot pedals, allowing teenagers to learn about generating kinetic power whilst playing music stored on their mobile phones via the three speakers positioned at the top of the post.

Completely sealed within a steel tube with no switches or dials, this system is strong enough to be used in the toughest of open spaces. Music volume can be set by the customer  to suit any location. The unit can also be programmed to be switched off at night, a curfew timer allows the hours of use to be restricted.YOP000G + Tzu181 Bluetooth Music Player

Similarly, lights are controlled by a sensor that automatically turns on as the light level drops at night, and the brightness can be pre-decided to suit individual customers.

ABluetooth Music Playerndy Love from Sutcliffe Play said: “Children love the freedom of being able to control the technology without having to rely upon adults to give them access to it. Our Music Player encourages children of different ages to socialise and share their music.”

The Music Player can be manufactured in a colour to match play equipment from the Sutcliffe Play Orchard, Mission & Playzone ranges, as well as being used as a standalone item or as part of a Pod Shelter unit. It is durable and resilient with a steel construction and a tough powder coat finish.