Cool progress at Cheshire ice cream farm!

 Ice Cream Farm, Cheshire

Sutcliffe Play is creating what is thought to be the largest indoor sand and water play area in Europe at The Ice Cream Farm in Tattenhall, Cheshire.

Work is well under way at The Ice Cream Farm which is part of a wider redevelopment of the attraction.

We’re currently installing the wide range of sand and water elements which will be included in the play area, to be called  ‘Honeycomb Canyon’ – and it’s looking great. Take a look at the photos to see how it’s coming along!Ice Cream Farm, Cheshire

“We’re very happy with how the installation is progressing, and are very much looking forward to seeing the finished play area being enjoyed by children of all ages,” says Kevin Sellwood, Area Sales Manager for Sutcliffe Play. “It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to create such an exciting play area at this fantastic attraction.”

The play area will feature elements such as an inclusive sand play system with sand chute, sieve, pulley and wheel; a toddler water play system with pump, troughs and a mixing table, and a watermill system. There will also be a junior sand and water ‘panning for gold’ unit which will enable children to pan for fool’s gold.

The play area is due to open in mid-July. Cheshire Ice Cream Farm