Children get creative with new play kit

Creative Play with SnugChildren at a school in Mytholmroyd, Halifax are getting creative with an innovative play kit which enables them to create their own playgrounds every day – creative play!

Scout Road Academy is the first school in Calderdale to order a SNUG kit, a set of colourful large-scale, modular play equipment which can be used in any combination, manufactured by Upton-based play equipment company Sutcliffe Play.  

“SNUG is very different from anything we’ve seen before,” says Mrs Anne Stamp, Principal at Scout Road Academy. “We like it because it’s not a specific “thing” – children can move it around and make it whatever they want it to be, which is very appealing.”

The school makes use of the equipment in a variety of ways. The younger children have been using it as part of the curriculum.“For example, when the Year 1 and 2 children were learning about transport, they did some role playing outside with SNUG as part of the topic,” says Mrs Stamp. “It’s a fantastic way to take learning outside and give it a new dimension.”

Creative Play with Snug Play KitThe equipment is also used to promote physical activity. During lunchtimes, older children work in small groups with a lunchtime sports coordinator, taking part in sporty activities such as obstacle courses with SNUG.

The school also took part in a training day with Sutcliffe Play’s new Sutcliffe Schools division, during which staff were shown new ways to use SNUG in Physical Literacy.

Simon Carson, Education Sales Manager for Sutcliffe Schools, said: “It’s great to see the children enjoying the SNUG equipment, using the different elements to create their own imaginative play landscapes. Staff at Scout Road Academy have found some fantastic ways to make the most of the kit, incorporating learning, physical development and play.” 

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