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West Lothian, Scotland

Client: West Lothian Council

Cost: £33,165

Date: 01/08/2016

Genre: Community

Themed play equipment brightens up an old, existing play space.

West Lothian Council wanted to rejuvenate the existing play area at Waverly Crescent as part of an ongoing playground upgrading programme. Sutcliffe Play Scotland was selected to carry out the project due to our unique design style and extensive portfolio of products.

To consult with the local community on the plans for a new play area, an online questionnaire was uploaded to the council web site for comments by members of the public. Consultations were also carried out with community groups and local schools.

During the school consultation, children visited the existing play area with the Sutcliffe Play Scotland team to talk about how they use the space and what they like to do, as well as to ask any questions they may have. Following the visit, the children were also asked to design their own play areas which inspired the final design.

Sutcliffe Play Scotland worked alongside the council to incorporate the consultation feedback and council requirements into a final design. The play area now features equipment from the Themed Play range, inspiring imaginative play, as well as co-ordinating coloured wet pour with inlayed designs to further stimulate the senses.

The Igloo & Mushroom Village themed play unit, from the Themed Play range, are themed around ‘dwellings’ and create two opportunities to let children’s imaginations run wild. Children enter one side through a ‘mushroom house’ set in a forest and emerge into an arctic landscape through an Igloo on the other.

Alongside the main unit, a Pablo the Penguin Seesaw and Flower Springie continue the arctic and forest play themes, further stimulating children’s imaginations and encouraging fantasy games with a social twist.

“Sutcliffe Scotland was asked to provide us with a new toddler area that would make the kids want to leave their homes and come visit the park again.  They certainly did this, we now have a lovely range of brightly coloured, tactile and fun equipment and games panels that our “small customers” just love to spend time in.”

Stephen Knox, Play Area Coordinator – West Lothian Council

Playground Equipment:

Igloo & Mushroom Village

The Igloo & Mushroom Village also comprises of a central tower that rises to 1.2m high with various accesses. Tree themed panels create a tree house upper level to one side and a snowy peak on the other. It also has a slide on one side and an inclusive climbing ramp, complete with side transfer platform, on the other.

‘Mushroom Village’ side of the play unit features a tree house defined by two tree trunks and a tree canopy with routed leaves and an inset bird motif, with a little ‘mushroom house’ underneath the slide. A spotted roof, chimney, and even a working post box create a place to stimulate imaginative / fantasy games with a social twist. Another small mushroom has a window and a door bell. Woodland flower motifs and a spinning ladybird complete the theming to this side.

The Igloo side of the play unit features an arctic peak central platform, complete with clouds and sun overhead. Access is gained via a climber designed to look like snowflakes and an ‘Igloo’ has been designed to sit underneath the slide, incorporating a door and mini megaphone. A series of spinning snowflakes at various heights can be accessed by all children. The arctic scene is completed with a feature Mother and baby polar bear with peep through eyes and swimming fish.


Pablo the Penguin Seesaw uses the inspiration of the seaside & the arctic tundra. An instantly recognisable image that all children are familiar with. This seesaw uses a new ROSTA mechanism which has a progressive, single direction rocking action, perfect for a small seesaw used by younger children. It also has a separate galvanised steel ground fixing, enabling easy installation and maintenance.

Flower Springie

Our themed play, Flower Springie, manufactured from HPL (high pressure laminate) offers a robust construction with materials designed for outdoor use, without colour fading. Foot and heel rails in powder coated steel provide support and guide the feet in to the best position. A rubber moulded seat with an integral pommel is a comfortable non slip seat for the user. A simple backrest offers additional support for younger users.


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