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Watford Community Housing Trust

Client: Watford Community Housing Trust

Cost: £100,000

Date: Completed August 2011

Genre: Landscape, Community, Youth

Watford Community Housing Trust Revamps Five Play Facilities

Sutcliffe Play has worked with Watford Community Housing Trust to revitalise play facilities for children across the town. Five bespoke playgrounds have been built using Better Communities Funds following consultation with local residents and school children to ensure the playgrounds reflected the needs of the community.

Tina Barnard, Chief Executive of Watford Community Housing Trust, said: “The Trust is an organisation dedicated to community improvements. Our partnership with Sutcliffe Play has allowed us to produce high quality facilities that truly reflect the needs of our residents. The new facilities have been warmly welcomed by our residents and especially local children, who enjoyed getting involved in designing and laying out the new play areas.”

Local children were involved in every aspect of the project. They submitted drawings of what they would like from their playground, they helped select equipment and even swapped the classroom for a day on site as they helped draw out one of their new community playgrounds.

The playground was designed to meet Watford Community Housing Trust’s needs; the equipment installed was tailor made to match the customers’ requirements in The Trust’s corporate colours of claret and blue, and the five playgrounds were delivered in a short space of time, ensuring they were ready for the school holidays.

The Trust’s logo was featured in the wet pour across all five playgrounds, also in their corporate colours.

The playgrounds have an exciting range of equipment suitable for children of all ages, including a bespoke train unit that encourages imaginative and social play for toddlers.  With a cylindrical tunnel, cab with wheels and carriages to the rear many children can play together.

A Playzone unit caters for older children with different sections including a slide, fireman’s pole, a vertical net and a pole climb.

Dish roundabouts have also been installed and provide exciting and fast dynamic play and allow children of all ages and abilities to play together.

Playground Equipment:

1.8m High Swing with 2 x Pod Seats: Produced for over 20 years, Sutcliffe Play’s swings are very robust as they are manufactured using hot dipped galvanised steel. The pod seat featured in this swing set is a revolutionary, technically superior seat for toddlers. Advanced rubber technology around stainless steel cables gives it flexibility, so the pod actually ‘hugs’ the child. 

Two in One Playzone Unit: This piece of play equipment is suitable for a wide age range from 4-10.  It features a section for younger children comprising a ladder and slide or fireman’s pole, and a more challenging area for older children featuring a pull-up ramp, a vertical net and a pole climb. A hand-over-hand acts as a filter between the two areas.

Single Point Swing: This piece of play equipment is an exhilarating, free form swing on which up to five children can sit or stand.  It can be used as a very dynamic piece of equipment or to give a more gentle motion for those less able, providing inclusive play.

Springie Fish: This fish-shaped springie is imaginative, exhilarating and fun to ride, and features easy grip hand and foot holds with anti-slip ends.

Rock Spinner: The Rock Spinner is a dynamic piece of playground equipment which rotates and rocks on a central axis. It can be used by one or two children, aged 6 years and older.

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