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Water Tower Play Park, Cambridgshire

Client: Fenland District Council

Date: Completed 2019

Genre: Landscape, Community, Youth

New lease of life for water tower play park

In late 2018, Fenland District Council set about giving one of Fenland’s oldest play parks a new lease of life, after being awarded funding by WREN’s FCC community action fund to overhaul the play area at Water Tower Play Park in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire.

Consultations were held with residents before it was decided that old equipment on site needed to be replaced, providing a refreshed green space for the community for children and adults.

Our main objective was to create several play opportunities for children of a range of ages and abilities.

With the space being in close proximity to a residential area, it was crucial that any impact on residents was kept to a minimum.

A key element of the regeneration was that the space should include a variety of exciting play opportunities for 0-16-year-olds, encouraging social interaction and development.

The scheme now provides a selection of play features for parents and children to enjoy together including free form, rope and nest swings, an inclusive roundabout designed for easier boarding by children in wheelchairs, Mission Tangent unit featuring a glider and climbing apparatus, and a Toddlerzone unit with ramps and platforms.

The equipment has been situated to allow for children to grow into older age equipment without too much of a challenge and taking into account opportunities for ‘non-prescriptive’ play; allowing children to play freely and use their imaginations. Seating was also added that would enable parents and carers to have a 360° view of the play area, to keep an eye on their children at all times.

“Thanks to Sutcliffe Play for the job at Water Tower Play Park. Great result and very professional work from the team all the way from bid to completion.”

Phil Hughes, Head of Leisure Services at Fenland District Council

Playground Equipment:

2.4m High Swing with 2x Toddler Pod seats

Swings are still the most popular item when designing a new play space, with swinging bringing the benefits of muscular development, and stimulation of the heart and lungs. This 2.4m swing with pod seats is perfect for toddlers aged from 1 – 4 years, with the seats providing extra swing support.

Single Point Swing

A free form swing on which up to five children can sit or stand. This swing packs an extra punch for children looking for more dynamic play but can also allow for more gentle motion for inclusive play activities. The swing can also be used by adults.

 Cobra Rope Swing

A challenging multi-user swing for up to six users, allowing children of varied ages and abilities to swing together. Teamwork and balance get the rope seat moving, with the required balancing, swinging and rocking motions encouraging social cooperation.

Adults can also sit with smaller children on the rope seat, so children of all ages can enjoy the benefits.

Mission Junior Agility Unit: Tangent

A 12m long glide acts as the focal point for this interactive unit, suitable for children aged 6 – 12 years.

The glide is fitted with a pendulum seat to take you from one end of the Tangent to another, with a challenging route back to the start of the glide offering climbing opportunities for youngsters.

 Toddlerzone Minnow

This toddler unit caters for all abilities. A shallow climbing ramp allows access, with a transfer platform that any child with upper body strength can play on, and a bridge to facilitate social games.

 2.4m Nest & Two Seats

Designed to take several young children, including those with special needs, this swing comes with an inclusive nest swing seat made with steel rope and padded around the edge, enabling children of all abilities to swing side by side.

 Back to Back Roundabout

A roundabout designed to be more accessible for disabled children when transferring from a wheelchair, the backrest and side support frames help children with poor mobility to use it like a chair.

 Seesaw Springie

Easy grip hand and foot holds with anti-slip ends allow children to sit either side and spring back and forth on this fun, imaginative springie.

 2x Benches (Yellow)

Designed to complement Sutcliffe Play’s range, these benches are galvanized to ensure long life expectancy, making them suitable for any outdoor environment. The handrails also work as an anti-skate deterrent.

 Quad Flyer

This fast-moving, dynamic product is aimed at teenagers, with four user stations to encourage social interaction. Children can work together to produce a diverse range of movements, strengthening the upper body.

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