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Washfield Lane, Rotherham

Client: Rotherham Borough Council

Cost: £60,000

Date: Completed July 2009

Genre: Landscape, Community, Inclusive

Working Nature and Structure Together


Rotherham Borough Council and Treeton Parish Council tasked Sutcliffe Play to work closely, to meet the brief to create an exciting, flexible and challenging play space reflecting a ‘naturalistic’ approach to play which also provides opportunity for children to use the space in an imaginative way.


Based in the heart of the community, Washfield Lane is the fifth play area in Rotherham to be opened in 2009 as part of the government’s Play Pathfinder programme. Rotherham Borough Council was selected as one of only 20 ‘Wave 1’ local authorities throughout England, to become a Play Pathfinder authority, enabling them to provide 29 new or improved play areas across the borough.

Design and Build

The design of the play area was developed following a number of community consultations and council meetings. Sutcliffe Play’s natural play designer, Patrick Martin, worked with Landscape Architect Andrew Burton from Rotherham Streetpride to turn the council’s natural play vision into a reality.

Playground Equipment:

Sutcliffe Play has installed a specially customised Playzone unit that has been built into a hill in the play area created from material dug from site. The slide complements the surroundings and the hill provides children with an exciting and unusual natural addition to the traditional play equipment. Other equipment in the play area includes a Single Point Swing and Nest Swing, both pieces are great for aiding interaction between children as they are designed to allow several children to play on at once.

A great fun element to add to any play area is a Springboard, this too has been incorporated to Washfield Lane, ideal for improving balance and co-ordination. A Spring Seesaw also features in the play area which has an Inclusive Dish Roundabout and modified Toddlerzone unit.

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