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Titchfield Park, Ashfield

Client: Ashfield District Council

Cost: £135,000

Date: October 2021

Genre: Inclusive, Local Authority

Providing progressive play for toddlers and juniors

This project aimed to provide new play equipment for children of all ages to complement the existing equipment, extending the popular playground adjacent to the café in Titchfield Park. The design was required to provide progression from younger toddlers through to juniors by challenging them both physically and mentally.

To maximise the potential of the space, we suggested moving existing picnic benches to improve visual contact for parents of young children and to act as an informal barrier between the toddler equipment and nearby car park. It was also proposed that existing equipment was to be refurbished to ensure a coherent aesthetic.

Further consideration was also given to improve accessibility / inclusivity across the whole site, enabling all children whatever their ability to gain meaningful play experiences within the play area. This included a new path for easy access into the sand play area, which allowed access to sand tables and a pully system that can be used from a seated position. An inclusive roundabout, to be installed flush to the ground on wetpour, an inclusive swing seat and an inclusive springie were also included in the design near to existing tarmac paths to further aid accessibility.

The final play area offers an engaging play experience designed to provide educational and imaginative games for toddlers, as well as a range of exhilarating and physically challenging obstacles for older children.

Located close to the café, the toddler area focuses on developing young children’s strength, balance and co-ordination while encouraging social interaction and imaginative play opportunities. Further afield, more challenging equipment is positioned adjacent to the new sand pit to appeal to older children seeking adventure and risk. A trim trail forms a playful link between the play area and the new sand pit. The 157m2 sand pit is the focal point of the new-look play area and offers ample space for bucket and spades alongside sand and water play equipment, allowing children to be creative and experiment with natural elements.

We created a design that has maximum play value and caters for all user groups while ensuring the equipment is sympathetic to the parks natural surroundings.

Paul Crafword at Ashfield District Council said: “Sutcliffe Play designed and delivered a cohesive play area with a host of new and exciting equipment for children of all ages and abilities, extending our existing space next to the café. The sand pit at the centre of the new play area has already become a firm favourite with local children and is great addition that encourages children to work together and make new friends.”

Playground Equipment:

Mammoth Multi-play Unit

A large wooden climbing frame unit unit with many challenges, great for children to play on together. Climbing to the higher platform is tough, whichever route is used. Once across the rope bridge, the reward is an exhilarating slide down the double banister rails where two users can race each other to the ground.


Stream Water Table

Our range of circular water tables and adjoining sand trays have been designed to be compact and enable users to start with simple water table, adding other elements as their budget or available space allows. Two sand tray options offer a large accessible surface to play with sand, with a sand sieve and sand pipe encourage further creative play. Each water table has its own plunger plug to retain / release water. All tables are at a height and orientation to be accessible to wheelchair users


  • Space Trainer (Dynamic)
  • 4m High Junior Swings (3 Bumper Seats & 1 Inclusive Seat)
  • Hula Rotator
  • Inclusive Roundabout with Scooter
  • Inclusive Sand Play Unit
  • Water Spout
  • Sand Digger
  • Purbeck Boulders x 3
  • Drop Rope Traverse
  • Stepping Pods x 14
  • 3m Balance Weave
  • Timber Seesaw
  • Curlicue Rotator
  • 8m High Toddler Swing (2 seats)
  • Four Way Seesaw
  • Pirate Ship Rocker
  • Pirate Ship Multi-play Unit

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