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St Augustines Green, Ipswich

Client: Ipswich Borough Council

Cost: £77,000

Date: May 2019

Genre: Community, Inclusive, Landscape

A space for everyone to play

The area of St Augustines Green off Bixley Road in Ipswich had experienced problems in recent years, becoming run down and in need of a refresh.

The Council was looking to make the best use of the space, whilst accommodating children and adults of all ages to create a pleasant, interactive hub for the community. After the Council received a government grant, Sutcliffe Play was briefed to create three distinct areas for toddlers, juniors and adults to enjoy.

The Toddler space needed to be bright and vibrant, with plenty of play opportunities designed to stimulate the imagination and encourage explorative, active play. For the Juniors area, we were asked to consider an exhilarating, energetic space for young children, whilst for the Adult space, the priority was to create a space for physical fitness and exercise.

Aligning with the brief, we created three unique spaces for children and adults at St Augustines.

As one of the first sites to have the Body’s fitness equipment range installed, we recommended a complete selection of fitness units for the adult space, designed to work almost every part of the body for a full outdoor gym experience.

Durable and easy to use, a selection of equipment modelled on traditional gym kit includes the Rower, Leg Press and Stepper, with additional items such as the Air Skier, designed to work the muscles in the hip belt, and Pull Down Challenger, to strengthen the muscles in the arms.

A colourful, vibrant space was created for toddlers to enjoy, featuring a wide variety of stimulating and inclusive play equipment from standalone items to multi-play units.

In addition to the Dice Play Panel, Sensory Flower, Country Town Mini Panel and Ladybird Springie, among other items, the Mushroom Village & Igloo was selected to encourage inclusive activities and social interaction.

Featuring a two-sided design with frozen arctic scenery and a mushroom house, the Mushroom Village & Igloo unit includes themed panelling, a tree house, slide and climbing ramp, for children of a range of abilities to enjoy side-by-side.

The Two Turrets unit was also installed, complementing the rest of the space, with opportunities for toddlers to play freely on this castle-themed kit that comes with a slide, rope bridge, and two separate turrets.

For the Juniors area, it was important to get the balance right; encouraging exercise with more challenging units designed to stimulate and get young children moving and exploring. The Cableway from the Mission range, provided the perfect, high-flying experience for children, being both exhilarating and fun.

A Mission Multi-play Unit was also recommended, with plenty of features such as bannister rails, climbing walls and platforms to keep children engaged. This was complemented by a Nest Swing, to accommodate children of varying abilities, and a Single Point Swing, which gives children the opportunity for more organic play, can be used for up to five children – encouraging social interaction – and also provides a more gentle motion when needed, for fully inclusive play sessions.

With a unique look and feel for each space, Sutcliffe Play created the perfect hub for local children and families to enjoy, with an activity to suit all needs and abilities for a true community space.

Playground Equipment:

Toddler area

2.4m High Swing

A swing unit complete with two bumper seats and chains.

Ladybird Springie

This unique springie offers a robust construction, and familiar red body with black spots that’s instantly recognisable for children. Ergonomic rubber handles allow for excellent grip, with foot and heel rails providing additional support.

Mushroom Village & Igloo

Creating an opportunity for children’s imaginations to run wild, the Mushroom Village and Igloo features a central tower, with tree themed panels, tree house upper level on one side and a snowy peak on the other. The unit comes complete with a plastic slide and inclusive climbing ramp, so children of a range of abilities can play side by side. On the Mushroom Village side of the unit, children can explore a ‘mushroom house’ under the slide, while a spotted roof, chimney and working post box offer the chance for stimulating social games. The Igloo side features an arctic central platform with clouds and sun overhead, and an igloo that sits under the slide with a door and mini megaphone.

Mushroom Igloo

Country Mini Town Panel

A themed panel acts as a backdrop for children’s imaginative play, including a letterbox and sunflower maze.

Sensory Flower

Designed for use on its own or in ‘bunches’ the Sensory Flower, an internal ball bearing runs around the inside of the flower to create sound as it spins, while a spiral in the centre creates an optical illusion as children play.

Dice Play Panel

A panel featuring a dice design, encouraging youngsters to spin and play.

Flower Springie

A fun floral design makes this springie stand out, with foot and heel rails, a rubber moulded seat, and a simple backrest offering support for users.

Back to Back Roundabout

A roundabout designed to be more accessible for disabled children when transferring from a wheelchair, the backrest and side support frames help children with poor mobility to use it like a chair.

Two Turrets

A castle theme accompanies this unit. Shuffle decks enable most users to access the wide slide, while a net bridge leads to the second castle turret before returning to ground level.

Two Turrets

2.4m High Swing inclusive seat and pod seat

Swing unit that includes a pod seat for added support of the child’s body, and an inclusive swing seat for children with limited hand-eye co-ordination abilities, allowing all children to enjoy the sensation of swinging.

Junior area

Mission Cableway

A cable slide designed for junior children, for a thrilling high-flying experience.


Mission Multi-play Unit

Featuring banister rails, climbing wall and platforms of varying levels, these multi-purpose play units from the Mission range offer older juniors testing physical play opportunities, for high-energy, invigorating play sessions.

Single Point Swing

A free form swing on which up to five children can sit or stand. This swing packs an extra punch for children looking for more dynamic play but can also allow for more gentle motion for inclusive play activities. The swing can also be used by adults.

Nest Swing

This nest swing has been specially designed to accommodate several young children, including those with special needs, and is designed like a bird’s nest allowing children of all ages to swing together.

Adult area

Leg Press

For a workout of the abdominal muscles and lower limbs, users sit comfortably on the seat placing their legs on the platforms and straightening them out with a smooth movement pushing their legs away from the device. This unit not only helps to develop quadriceps, but to improve joint function and circulation.


With the Rower, users can strengthen and build their upper and lower limbs, as well as the chest and abdomen, by straightening the body upright while pulling the handles together. This unit also helps to keep the lumbar spine flexible.



For users wanting to increase the strength of glute and leg muscles, this is the go-to kit in the Bodys range. Keeping feet adhered to the ground, users must bend their knees slightly while making alternative movements that mimic climbing the stairs. This unit also helps improve overall body performance and the cardiovascular system.

Air Skier

Strengthens the muscles of the hip belt, as users place their feet on the platforms, hands on the handles, and move from left to right in a swinging motion.

Leg Lift

This unit can be used in two ways to strengthen the arms, abdomen, back, or to act as a stretcher. Users can either grab the upper handles, pulling their legs up to their chest and then lowering them, or lie on the ground, placing feet on the ladder at waist level and performing sit-ups, pulling their upper body towards the feet and back down again.


Use these simple but effective Rails to strengthen the arms and abdomen and improve the coordination of the shoulder. This kit can be used in two different ways for maximum effect; either by lifting your feet off the ground and pulling yourself up with your back to the device and arms at a right angle, or by standing in front of the device, holding the handrails and bending your arms at a right angle to the elbow to do push-ups.

Pull Down Challenger

Strengthen the muscles of the arms, chest and back by sitting comfortably, holding both handles, and pulling handles towards you in a smooth motion.

Chest Press

Best for working the muscles of the arms, chest and back, users sit comfortably placing their legs on the platforms, and pushing the handles away with a strong but smooth movement, straightening out the arms.

Bench with Bike x4

These benches function like a regular exercise bike, with the bonus of being able to sit comfortably, while peddling to strengthen and build leg muscles while improving circulation.



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