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South Wales refurbishment

Client: Vale of Glamorgan Council

Cost: £110,000

Date: 01/05/2016

Genre: Community, Youth

Toddlerzone+ brings new life to a tired play area

Vale of Glamorgan Council wanted to replace an old Multi Use Games Area and incorporate new and exciting play equipment for children of all ages and abilities. The design was required to be sustainable and encourage social interaction and physical development through a wide range of play features and activities.

The play area has been split into three distinct zones. The first area designed for toddlers includes brightly coloured equipment and floor games which will help to develop young children’s basic motor skills.

The Toddlerzone Plus Daffodil multi-play unit has been designed to maximise activities, utilising space under the decks and on the posts. The space under the deck creates multi-level play opportunities by incorporating a crawling tunnel and creates an additional play feature at ground level. There is a binocular rail for spying on wildlife, a circular finger maze and a pathway panel to add to play on a micro level.

The Daffodil unit is designed to reflect natural play themes with motifs, gently waving panels and a natural colour palette. The natural theme continues with butterfly, caterpillar and ladybird graphics adorning the floor.

The second area caters for juniors, with challenging play opportunities to meet the needs of children with more advanced motor skills. The low rotator, operated via centrifugal forces, allows children to control the speed of the rotator, developing co-ordination, balance and social skills.

Designed around a small circular traverse, the Mission Foxfire multi-play unit is made up of multiple challenging features and can be accessed from all directions. The platforms and climbing activities are high, appealing to older children, with banister rails requiring strength and co-ordination which encourages interaction between users.

The third zone is home to the new Multi Use Games Area (MUGA), which offers endless flexibility and can accommodate most sporting activities including: football, hockey, basketball, tennis, badminton and volleyball. Our MUGA’s are specially designed with a unique rubber dampening system, which reduces noise and vibration.

“Sutcliffe’s design for the play area met all the objectives of our brief and delivered a total transformation to a dilapidated and forgotten play area into one which is vibrant, exciting and robust. The range of equipment and aesthetic are perfect for this compact urban play area.”

Emma Hancock, Landscape Architect, Regeneration and Planning, Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Playground Equipment:

Toddlerzone Daffodil multi play unit

Daffodil is part of our ‘Toddlerzone Plus’ range, designed to reflect a natural theme with gently waving panels a ‘natural colour palette’ and themes and motifs that reflect the natural world. It takes the form of a gently ascending trio of platforms with access points at either end to enable movement flow across the unit.

Inclusive Roundabout

The flush level Inclusive Roundabout has been designed so that disabled and able bodied children can enjoy the sensation of spinning, all together, at the same time. It has been designed particularly so that wheelchair users can experience the spinning sensation, just as if they were on a traditional roundabout.


A tried and tested seesaw for younger children which also enables adults to sit or stand with a child to help balance them on the activity.

Using the inspiration of nature, the Curlicue takes the form of a simple spiral. Set at an angle, this spinner uses the changing centre of gravity of the user to propel them around. Whether sitting inside the spiral or gazing at the optical effect created by a revolving spiral.

Mission Foxfire unit                                                                               
Designed around a small circular traverse, this unit is great for game playing and keeping off the ground. Even at the end of the banister rails, it’s just a couple of quick steps back onto the unit. For those who don’t want to join in the game playing, the spin pole out on its own provides another distinct play space.

Low Rotator

This challenging three station rotator requires strength, balance and co-ordination. Children control the speed themselves, with centrifugal forces meaning that as they lean in, the rotator goes faster, as they lean out, it slows down.

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