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Snug success in Atami, Japan

Client: Atami Korakuen Hotel

Cost: N/A

Date: April, 2009

Genre: Inclusive, Community

International success in Japan

Snug, Sutcliffe Play’s innovative and unique loose parts play equipment, has been successfully trialled in a top hotel in Atami, Japan.

Kotobuki, Sutcliffe Play’s Japanese distributor offered a Snug kit to  during ‘Golden Week’, a Japanese half term.

The hotel was able to offer visiting families the opportunity to use Snug, along with a ball-pool and toy train set, during their stay for a small fee.

During Golden Week (2nd – 6th May) a week long trial was conducted and monitored in the hotel, more than 800 children and adults visited the hotel and used Snug.

The kit was displayed in a large carpeted events room within the hotel. The feedback from guests was very positive, with many saying it added a new element to play and allowed children to create their own games. Others enjoyed the fact it enabled parents and children to play and interact together.

Following the resounding success of the first trial, a second trial took place during the Japanese summer holidays. Again, Snug was noted as being a great addition to the hotel facilities and gave guests an opportunity to play alongside their children. Hotel owner, Mr Otsubo said “The first trial was an experimental project and as this was very successful it led us to purchase Snug.

The hotel can now offer guests the use of the kit on a regular basis.” Snug is specifically designed with primary school aged children in mind, comprising of nine pieces, the large and colourful equipment allows children to use their imagination and move the pieces to create their own playful landscape.

Sutcliffe Play comments: “This is hugely exciting for us as it is a first for Snug in a hotel. The trials in Atami, Japan show the great versatility of Snug. The kit can be used and works well in a variety of locations with children creating their own new and exciting playscapes, wherever they are. It is a fantastic tool for any hotel with room for Snug, to help them appeal to the family market.”


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