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Singleton Hospital, Swansea

Client: Singleton Hospital

Cost: £72,500

Date: Summer 2014

Genre: Inclusive, Community, Landscape

Children's Development Centre for Hospital

Singleton Hospital wanted to rejuvenate the existing play area they had, which was looking tired and worn, and include a paved area which was not being used. The work formed part of a wider development plan to upgrade Ward 15 at Singleton Hospital, Swansea into a Children’s Development Centre.

The design of the play area for the Children’s Development Centre was required to provide friendly play for children with disabilities and their siblings when attending the Centre, allowing both therapeutic developmental play and general play.

Sutcliffe Play worked alongside a project team at Singleton Hospital to design a play area to requirements set by the hospital and fundraisers. The City & County of Swansea also contributed information on key considerations for new play areas which were integrated into the design.

The final play area includes a sensory garden, which provides an immersive environment where children can see, touch, smell and hear the physical environment around them. Coloured wet pour with inlayed designs, synthetic grass and graphics have been used to further stimulate the senses.

At the centre of the play area, the Inclusive Playzone Scramble & Slide Unit allows children of all abilities to play side-by-side. The unit features a drag ramp, scramble net and a 1.2m high slide with a ‘U’ shape chute for children to slide securely down. The one-sided open section at the bottom allows helpers to give support during play.

Additional inclusive play equipment includes a nest swing, parrot springie and inclusive roundabout.

The Inclusive Roundabout has been designed to ensure disabled and able bodied children can enjoy the sensation of spinning, all together, at the same time. The roundabout includes anti-slip floor surfacing and has a designated wheelchair space with rubber backstops and inclusive seating. Sitting flush to the ground ensures there are no trip points or potential traps for users. A contrasting coloured handrail makes it easier for partially sighted users to hold on tight. The Inclusive Roundabout is speed restricted so that it will only rotate gently.

“We wanted to create an exciting and accessible play area for children of all ages and abilities – a requirement which has undoubtedly been met. Since the installation of the play area, Singleton Hospital has won Building Better hospitals – Best Collaborative Arts Project award, recognising the transformation of the Children’s Development Centre which includes the external play area as key benefit.” Danny Flynn, Project Manager

Playground Equipment:

Toddler Swings with 2 x Pod Seats
The Pod Seat hugs a child (like peas in a pod) and uses their body weight to pull it around them. It is very easy to get in and out of. Significantly lighter than other cradle seats, any impact with a child will be less severe. With a Peak G of just 25, it is probably the safest swing seat on the market. As well as our standard Orange, we now offer these seats in Red, Green & Blue.

Talk Tubes
Positioned at either end of the play area, children will even be able to hear each other whispering. With a maximum distance of 20m apart, the underground tube is flexible so it can go round corners.

Inclusive Springie Parrot

Specifically designed for more inclusive play, the Parrot Springie, offers a seating arrangement that allows the child to get on and off without assistance and gives good support whilst rocking.

Inclusive Wheelchair Roundabout

The flush level Inclusive Roundabout has been designed so that disabled and able bodied children can enjoy the sensation of spinning, all together, at the same time. It has been designed particularly so that wheelchair users can experience the spinning sensation, just as if they were on a traditional roundabout.

Nest Swing
Designed especially to take several young children and those with special needs, this swing is designed like bird’s nest. The seat is made of steel rope matting, with a padded rope ring around the edge.

Inclusive Playzone Scramble & Slide Unit
The Scramble and slide inclusive play unit, has a drag ramp, inclusive scramble net and steps. Once up high, there is a large 1.4m wide deck and the reward of a 1.2m high slide. With a ‘U’ shape chute, children slide securely down the centre increasing the speed and the fun! The raised start section at the top and the one-sided open run-out section at the bottom ease transfer, and allow helpers to give side support.

Sutcliffe Play benches are designed to complement Sutcliffe Play’s current range of playground equipment. Like our climbing frames our furniture range is galvanized to ensure a long life expectancy as well as making it suitable for any outdoor environment.

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