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Sakhalin, Russia

Client: Sakhalin Energy Investment Company

Cost: £54,000

Date: Completed Spring 2007

Genre: Landscape, Community, Youth

A Russian Re-development

Sutcliffe Play was challenged with re-developing a tired playground in Sakhalin, a Russian island in the Pacific Ocean.

Sakhalin is 50 miles north of Japan and has a total population of approximately 200,000 people, most of which live in the southern part of the island due to the extreme climate conditions. In winter the weather is down to minus 40 C including an average of 30ft of snow, compared to the summer months when the temperature peaks to over 35°C. Sakhalin Energy Investment Company (SEIC), the world’s largest integrated oil and gas project, based on Sakhalin Island, sought to redevelop its recreation area to better serve its employees and their families needs.

SEIC’s facility employees over 2,500 people, 35% of its current workforce is made up of British, Australian and Dutch. Around 800-1000 children from these local families live near the site and the restoration and development of the playground was to cater for all their needs.

SEIC wanted to renovate an existing play area, as well as installing a new area, to serve its employees that lived on-site. The existing area was primarily aimed at younger children whereas the new area would need to be aimed at a wider age range – up to teens. Both areas were currently grassed or sanded but going forward required safety surfaces.

Sutcliffe Play carefully considered the brief and the two extreme climate extremes and proposed a play area design, with suitable sustainable play equipment that could offer children, from toddlers to teenagers, challenging and exciting play opportunities. Whilst quoting for installation as well as supply, it became clear that is was going to be more cost effective for SEIC to arrange the installation more locally.

Sutcliffe Play provided a selection of equipment on a supply only basis including Stepping Pods, Dish Roundabout, Style Swing with one pod and one inclusive seat, Long Climb Playzone unit for juniors and a Hide and Slide unit for toddlers.

In addition the toddler play area features a Back to Back Roundabout, Inclusive and Ladybird Springies, Play House and Castle. Designed to be accessible by all abilities, the Castle allows children to crawl or climb up into the equipment and use their imagination to create various play scenarios.

Playground Equipment:

Toddler Area 

Inclusive Ladybird Springie and Inclusive Springie

These pieces of play equipment are specifically designed for more inclusive play. Their seating arrangements allow a child to get on and off without assistance and give good support whilst rocking.

Toddlerzone Play House

Sutcliffe Play knows that children love to play in their own little houses. This version also has play panels for children to explore, featuring music pipes and a puzzle panel.

Back to Back Roundabout

At 420mm above the ground, this roundabout is more accessible for disabled children transferring from a wheelchair, and features two backrests and side support frames to help children with limited mobility use it like a chair.

Play Fence Combination

This colourful, bespoke play fence is packed with fun features and is ideal for toddlers.

Style Swing with 2 Bumper Seats and Style Swing with 2 Pods

Produced for over 20 years, Sutcliffe Play’s swings are very robust as they are manufactured using hot dipped galvanised steel. The play area features swings with bumper seats – a seat with smooth, round edges, ergonomically designed to help children learn to swing – and swings with revolutionary pod seats.

Play House – Seated Shelter

Children love to play in their own little houses!This bespoke play house encourages social and imaginative play.

Toddlerzone Seating Unit

This unit is ideal for encouraging social play.

The Castle Toddlerzone Unit

A large piece of accessible play equipment, The Castle allows children to crawl up via ramps or triangular shuffle decks, to enjoy a play house, net bridge, play stations and a slide.

Meeting Place

This special meeting place allows parents, guardians or carers to watch their children play.

Junior Adventure Play Area

Long Climb Playzone Unit

This transitional unit is ideal for older toddlers and juniors alike, and features increasingly difficult challenges including a climbing wall, fireman’s pole and hand-over-hand section, to children keep coming back again and again.

Stepping Pods

These pods have a rubber moulded top and can be installed at varying heights, allowing children to hop from one to another. This play equipment helps develop balance and the skill of judging distances.

K&K Single Point Swing

This swing allows children to stand or sit on the half tyre platform whilst enjoying the swinging motion.

Style Swing with 1 x Pod Seat, 1 x Inclusive Seat

This swing set features an inclusive seat which can be used in a much more dynamic way by two or more children, as an old-fashioned boat swing.

Dish Roundabout

One of Sutcliffe Play’s most inclusive items, this rotating dish can be used for very fast, dynamic play. The rocking and rotating motion combined with the body support and security provided by the dish shape make this swing accessible to all.

Hide and Slide Toddlerzone Unit

This unit offers three levels of access to a 1.2m high slide, via a ramp, a ladder or a ring climb. There is hidden social seating under the main deck, where children can sit, chat and hide.

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