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Rosemead Park, Littlehampton

Client: Littlehampton Town Council

Cost: £150,000

Date: December 2020

Genre: Community, Inclusive

Public engagement helps create a new inclusive play area

Rosemead Park play area was ready for a long overdue complete refurbishment with the Council wanting the new play area completed and ready for use by the local community by the end of 2020. Following a month-long community engagement and consultation event in 2019, the views of the users and a brief for the future requirements for the play area had already been established.

During the public consultation 10-year-old Lloyd who wanted to use the play area and has autism, wrote to the Council expressing his desire for a playground where everyone could play together.  He wanted a slide, a swing and sensory play that everyone could use, even from a wheelchair. Lloyd said: “I think parks should be for everyone, the disabled and able. We like playing together.”

The park was already widely used for play, informal sport, dog walking and seasonal events organised by the Town Council. They wanted a new, fun packed play area to encourage local children to engage in play and develop their social and physical well being. It also needed to enable community to connect and be a meeting place for children and adults alike.

Having undertaken a thorough site survey and having given due consideration to all requirements within the brief, our design included play equipment and surfacing to create a much-needed flagship play facility for the local community and a maintenance-free facility for the Council.

Unlike any play provision currently installed within the area the design includes truly inclusive play features to create a destination site for those with children with a wide range of disabilities. The equipment design and play area design encourages an integrated approach to allowing children of all ages and abilities to socialise and play together.

The design proposal included 15 items of play equipment from our standard ranges offering the maximum play value and robust construction. The main multiplay units are from our Toddlerzone and Mission ranges which have been designed to maximise the available play opportunities for children offering a progressive element of both challenge and risk.

The design includes a total of 46 different play opportunities for all ages and abilities, they include:

Climbing, Sliding, Balancing, Crawling, Swinging, Rotating, Bouncing, Imaginative and sensory play, Social / educational play.

High Priority Equipment

Within our design for Rosemead Park we have included the following from the high priority list.

  • Trampoline
  • Cable way / Zip Line
  • Swings
  • Wheelchair accessible equipment, roundabout and swing
  • Climbing wall
  • Sensory equipment such as, trampoline, play fence, and sound flower
  • Picnic bench with wheel chair access
  • Tarmac path from the play area to the path to the north of the park.


The design we presented incorporated the needs of the diverse nature of the area which is also close to both a primary and a senior school. We increased the number a play items within the park without encroaching on the areas used by dog walkers and children using the park for sports. The finished design is set to engage the growing community for years to come.

Playground Equipment:

Minitown Sensory Flower

Offering a sound and optical dimension, this item would happily stand alone, in ‘bunches’, or even compliment many of our other product ranges. Internal ball bearings run around inside the flower and the centre of the flower incorporates a spiral which creates an optical illusion as it rotates. The flower body has internal ball bearing races to create a sound as it spins. The centre of the flower is a white on black spiral which creates a spinning visual effect when turned by the user.

Sound Flower

Minitown Play Panel

Designed as a range of themed panels these units and their different combinations act as a ‘backdrop’ for a child’s imagination. Minitown creates a series of scenarios for children to play make believe.


Large Trampoline

Fantastic fun, these trampolines are perfect for physical play and developing coordination. The single trampoline is suitable for one child only, but can be installed alongside several others in a line, or a square. This trampoline comes with it’s own rubber edging. The larger trampoline is suitable for two children playing together.


Puzzle and Slide Multi Play Unit

A Toddlerzone unit where one bridge enables users to move between two decks that each have access points to the top, allowing for descent by a slide. The many play panels at ground level – mirror, shop, abacus, puzzle and binoculars encourage imaginative play.

Puzzle & Slide

Inclusive Wheelchair Roundabout

This inclusive wheelchair roundabout is designed to offer inclusivity, functionality and durability, without compromising on the fun that children and carers can enjoy, whilst experiencing the spinning motion together. This inground roundabout has been designed to accept a centrally positioned wheelchair and is available in two configurations.The Inclusive Scooter version is fitted with a two-user seat and deck mounted scooter. Children can stand on the scooter and using their outer foot positioned over the perimeter deck plate, they can propel the roundabout with ease.


Bee Springie

Our springie, springer with a Bee image, familiar to all children, has a yellow body with contrasting black stripes and little wings.


Flower Springie

Our themed play, Flower Springie springer is manufactured from HPL (high pressure laminate) and offers a robust construction with materials designed for outdoor use, without colour fading. Foot and heel rails in powder coated steel provide support and guide the feet in to the best position. A rubber moulded seat with an integral pommel is a comfortable, non slip seat for the user. A simple backrest offers additional support for younger users.


Four Way Seesaw

A seesaw for 4 children has been constructed to accommodate parents and carers as well as children and can accommodate up to four users. Creating an up and down motion for children seated at each end, generous handles offer a secure grip and help prevent users leaning too far forward.


Mission Warrior Multi Play Unit

Warrior is a great unit to test agility, strength and co-ordination. There is no easy way to get up to the platforms, you either have to balance up the large V net, jump from the climbing post or work your way along the stepping poles and climbing wall. Once on the platforms there is a slide to the ground.



Play Fence

Perfect for nurseries and small play areas or for fill-ins along paths. All our fence combinations encourage imaginative, physical and intellectual play, such as the mirror panel, music pipes and megaphones.


Wipe Out

The Wipe Out has been designed for children aged between 8-15 years old. This product requires good balance and co-ordination skills from the users. Wipe Out is an excellent product for encouraging social interaction.


Two Seat Swing with Inclusive Seat


Two Seat Swing with Pod Seats


Cable Ride

Cable rides are dynamic fun play items great for open access play spaces. Our design is available in four lengths and is available with a starting ramp for level sites. Noise and friction is reduced by a trolley mechanism with polyamide rollers and a spring system at the finish ensures a safe, controlled ride to the end. An integral brake prevents the seat moving on the cable when not in use.


Goal With Side Panels

Where room and budgets are limited, but a ball game area is required, these stand-alone football and basketball goal ends work well. The units shown are standard but the range is modular and flexible, so should you wish to alter the height of either the rebound barriers or the basketball hoop, it is possible to do so.


Space Trainer Rotator

Designed for juniors and teens it is a very dynamic rotator with an appeal for an older age group. Ideally it needs 2 users, one to get the spin going while the other can enjoy the sensation of spinning.



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