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Riverside Hub, Northampton

Client: Riverside Hub Indoor Activity Centre

Cost: £12,000

Date: 01/08/2013

Genre: Indoor, Inclusive, Community

Snug is a hit at indoor play centre

Loose parts play kit Snug has been going down a storm with children at an indoor play centre in Northampton.

Visitors to The Riverside Hub, a 30,000 sq ft activity centre which opened in August 2013, have been getting creative with Snug, a set of large-scale, modular play equipment which can be used in any combination.

“The kit has proved very popular with children,” says Ellis Potter, Director of the Riverside Hub. “We don’t arrange it in any particular way – we prefer to give the children the freedom to arrange it however they like, and we have seen them use the kit in all sorts of different ways.

“Children particularly like putting the ‘Pad’ (a robust but soft circular mat) on top of the ‘Loop’, (a large, circular play structure) to make their own trampoline. We have also often seen them putting several ‘Walls’ (versatile, curved walls) together to make a long tunnel to crawl through.

“Because the elements are large, children have to cooperate with each other to move them, so the kit encourages interaction between children visiting the centre.”

There are plans for Snug to be used for toddler gymnastics classes at the Riverside Hub.

“Snugis ideal for toddler gymnastics,” says Ellis. “It invites such a wide variety of activities; children will be able to use it during classes to climb, crawl and jump.”

The equipment has also had a positive response from parents visiting the Riverside Hub.

“Parents often say that they haven’t seen anything like Snug before,” says Ellis. “It’s not what they expect to see at an indoor play centre, where the play equipment is usually fixed. They like the fact that children can move Snug around creatively.”

Andrew Love from Sutcliffe Play, manufacturer of Snug adds: “We’re delighted that Snug has been so well received by children at the Riverside Hub. The centre perfectly reflects the way in which flexible, modular SNUG enables children to explore creative, cooperative play.”

About Snug

SNUG Indoor Play, Riverside Hub
Snug comprises large-suale, durable play elements which can be rearranged by children to create new playscapes, encouraging imaginative, cooperative play. The kit comprises the following modular elements:
Loop: Made up of modular elements, the Loop can be used to construct curved play structures to encourage balancing games and create areas for socialising.

Cone: The Cone provides a meeting point and introduces a vertical structure to the playground. It can be jumped onto and hidden behind and is created from tactile foam, making it perfect for hugging and bouncing off.

Bump: Perfect for jumping off, bouncing on or rocking and spinning on, the Bump can be used to create pathways or linked to other elements using Noodles.

Wave: This versatile building units has two distinct sides – a softer waved surface and a hard, flat side. Together they can be used to create platforms for performing and dancing, lounging areas, raised walkways, barriers and walls.

Wall: Versatile and flexible, the Wall can be used horizontally and vertically. Children can stand it on its side to create a curved wall or a den, turn it on its back to become a rocking cradle, or place it on its feet to become a tunnel or raised walkway.

Noodle: Offering unlimited possibilities, the Noodle can be used for connecting and building.

Mound: The Mound helps children experience different levels, slopes and terrains. It dramatically transforms a playground landscape, creating small humps, large hills, extended ridges and valleys.

Pad: Perfect for teaming with other elements, the Pad provides a robust but soft base for the spider as well as the roof for the Loop circle or walls.



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