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Coronation Park, Jersey

Client: States of Jersey

Cost: £194,000

Date: Completed 2018

Genre: Community, Landscape & Inclusive

Popular family play area gets an impressive make over in Jersey

The States of Jersey wanted to refresh one of their most popular public parks, Coronation Park, situated overlooking St Aubin’s bay on the south coast of Jersey.  Set in a residential area, the play park is extremely popular with local families; however, with the current equipment soon to be reaching 30 years old, the States of Jersey Government decided it was time to spruce up the play area. They wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing play space for young children to be able to play together, in a safe and easy to maintain environment.

The new play area provides endless play opportunities to help develop a child’s imagination whilst promoting a healthy balance of physical exercise.

The central feature of the playground is a large bespoke multiplay, the St Helier.  Just like the Jersey capital, the specially designed system has a multitude of places to visit and explore. A combination of roofed play tower activity panels, including shops, look outs and even a music panel offer a wide range of play opportunities for younger children of all abilities.

A series of bridges and drag ramps link all the ‘play destinations’ together, enabling users to travel around the unit, discovering a total of 40 activities. Featuring physical and locomotor elements with a range of challenges, users can choose the route appropriate to their ability, with the prospect of progressing to more difficult activities in the future.

The unit features a myriad of play activities from ground level to 1.2m high that will stimulate the imagination, encourage social interaction and offer play experiences to develop young minds.

The unit is completed with two slides making the St Hellier is the ultimate Toddlerzone.

To ensure that no child is left out, the playground has been designed so that less able bodied children can still join in. The park covers an impressive 1,000 square metres, and to tie in to the coastal environment, sea themed play equipment has been used where possible to complements its surroundings.

“Coronation Park is an important free facility for children to enjoy while being active, which enhances their health and wellbeing. These new facilities will maintain the high standards of our children’s play areas for many years to come.”

Deputy, Eddie Noel – Minister for Infrastructure, States of Jersey

Playground Equipment:

Bespoke Toddlerzone Unit – St Helier

1.8m High Swings (with 4 pod seats) –The pod seat is a revolutionary, technically superior seat for toddlers. It features advanced rubber technology around stainless steel cables to give it flexibility, so the pod actually hugs the child.

2.4m High Swings (with 4 flat seats) – Perfect in any outdoor setting, the 2.4m High Swings can be fitted with an assortment of seat choices. Swings offer children of all ages opportunities for progressive acceptable risk taking, swinging only as high as they want at any moment in time.

Inclusive Boat Seat and 2.4m Chains – To swing on a normal flat seat requires balance, a strong grip and good co-ordination. The inclusive swing seat allows children who don’t have those abilities to also enjoy the sensation of swinging.

Scooter Inclusive Wheelchair Friendly Roundabout – This inclusive scooter roundabout is designed to offer functionality and durability without compromising the fun. This roundabout can accommodate a wheelchair, two users in the seated position and more standing if they choose to do so. The wide central space facilitates a range of wheelchairs and bump stops at both sides give a position to apply the wheelchairs brakes. The ‘roll on roll off’ design enables users to exit in a forward position. 

Pablo the Penguin RockerPablo offers a robust construction with materials designed for outdoor use without colour fading. Foot and heel rails in powder coated steel provide support and guide the feet in to the best position. A rubber moulded seat with an integral pommel is a comfortable non slip seat for the user.

Imaginative, exhilarating and fun to ride. They have easy grip hand and foot holds with anti-slip ends. Ground fixed, they are easy to maintain as the spring can be easily removed from the top and bottom fixings.

2.4m High Inclusive Nest Swing – An addition to our Orchard range and our swing range is this 2.4m inclusive wooden swing. Designed especially to take several young children and those with special needs, the inclusive nest swing seat is designed like a bird’s nest and enables children of all abilities to swing together. The seat is made of steel rope matting, with a padded rope ring around the edge.

Wilbur the Whale Rocker – Rocker, Wilbur Whale, is an instantly recognisable image that all children are familiar with. Our Wilbur Whale has a tail, fin and a cheeky grin! Principally constructed from self-coloured HPL (high pressure laminate) this rocker offers a robust construction with materials designed for outdoor use without colour fading.

Pirate Ship Rocker – The Pirate Ship is designed to complement other coastal & seaside themed products in the range. It offers seating for four children and the seats are arranged to be facing, making play a more social and interactive process. With a high sided stern, bow and seat backs children have a degree of enclosure to enhance fantasy & imaginative games.

Back to Back Roundabout – Back to Back Roundabout. Slightly higher at 420mm above the ground, this roundabout is more accessible for disabled children transferring from a wheelchair. A back-rest and side support frames help children with poor mobility use it like a chair.

Bike Springie – Imaginative, exhilarating and fun to ride, our Springies have easy grip hand and foot holds with anti-slip ends. Ground fixed, they are easy to maintain as the spring can be easily removed from the top and bottom fixings.

Pole Spin – The Pole Spin is designed for one and two children to discover the effect of centrifugal forces, speeding up and slowing down by moving in and out from the central pole.












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